You may know Jim Benton for many things: Maybe it's his LOL-out-loud comic here on GoComics ... or maybe his Dear Dumb Diary book series? Or perhaps you're familiar with the Franny K. Stein, the Happy Bunny and/or the Cherise the Niece book(s)? And he does even more books than just those! WTH! 

I was lucky enough to see this book in proposal form and it immediately struck me, because my colleague Shena threw it at me when I wasn't looking. But when I finished reading it I was moved. This book will have you saying "Quiet! the Mountain" because for weeks after you've put it down its positive message will have resonated so strongly with you that it'll be happily bouncing between those wonderful ears of yours. 

Quite the Mountain is a testament to the struggles we face in life and how to never quit. It's the laughter of children on a dusty playground. It's the map to the jagged edge of a freshly opened tuna can that could slice your thumb flesh into ribbons if you're not careful. It's the giant squid of life lessons and it will squeeze you (lovingly) with it's eightacles.





This is the perfect book for a new graduate, a recent divorcer, someone whose dreams were squashed at a recent orienteering competition, a pet whose fur seems to be thinning, that lonely guy in the apartment upstairs who always softly crying and playing those awful Laurie Anderson albums, etc. 

Get it here. Get it now. You will thank me. And then you'll thank Jim.


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