Sep 21, 2017
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Sep 26, 2017
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  1. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead gc insider 24 days ago

    Lester’s absolutely right! Those kids that are so irresponsible as to be born with a heart condition and without rich parents deserve to die.


    Anything else is just socialism.


    Because compassionate conservatism.

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  2. Video snapshot
    Baslim the Beggar gc insider 24 days ago

    It’s not Kimmel wielding the axe, Lester, it’s your good buddies the reptiles.

    Here’s the real analogy: Kimmel is one of the people yelling “He’s deaf!” to permanently tuned-out and panicked cops, who are supposed to protect people, not murder them.

    And just to make sure dimwits understand, the “cops” are the GOP in Congress.

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  3. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ gc insider 24 days ago

    As Kimmel pointed out, he is not an expert on healthcare, but the AMA, and a host of many other health organizations are.

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  4. Img 0101
    Rick4now gc insider 24 days ago

    True America hero John McCain follows his conscience.

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  5. Picture
    EdMeiller gc insider 24 days ago

    Maybe the orange dung heap would like ABC to fire Mr. Kimmel. Like Donny thinks the players that kneel during the anthem should be fired.

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  6. Missing large
    alwaysright  24 days ago

    Yep. The progressive lefts catch all answer, give everything away and make someone else pay for it. Botch healthcare up so badly it’s hard to believe, then shout “just make it free for everyone”! Allow Big Education to screw enough people with ridiculous tuition and student loans and shout “free college for everyone”! Keep racking up the rights of all to “free stuff” and the country is left bankrupt and the left will shout “see, America is fundamentally unjust because it can’t provide us with our right to free stuff, it’s unsustainable and must be fundamentally transformed”!Un-American think at it’s finest.

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  7. Missing large
    walfishj  24 days ago

    Why is Dr Mike Lester operating?

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  8. Wtp
    superposition  24 days ago

    Imagine if the Senate weren’t tone deaf and could listen to 100% of their constituents not just the fringe extremists shouting at them, they could actually honor their oath of office and do good things for “we the people” instead of developing sinister plans behind closed doors that appeal only to the fringe extremists.

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  9. Thankyou
    Silly Season  24 days ago

    The real reason the GOP is pushing so hard to repeal the ACA.

    At a weekend donor retreat attended by at least 18 elected officials, the Koch brothers warned that time is running out to push their agenda, most notably healthcare and tax reform, through Congress.

    One Texas-based donor warned Republican lawmakers that his “Dallas piggy bank” was now closed, until he saw legislative progress.

    “Get Obamacare repealed and replaced, get tax reform passed,” said Doug Deason. “Get it done and we’ll open it back up.”

    Nonetheless, Koch officials said that the network’s midterm budget for policy and politics is between $300m and $400m.

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  10. Missing large
    bcr131  24 days ago

    I’ll take cheap emotionalism over crass corporate greed any day.

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  11. Missing large
    ED CANTWELL gc insider 24 days ago

    Might not be his last one. And it’s partisan politicians that are the incompetent ones. Democracy isn’t supposed to be tyranny of the majority.

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  12. Xfiles 031
    Squirrelchaser  24 days ago

    I’m certainly no health care expert either, but if the far left were to get their coveted single payer, wouldn’t there be caps in place, and wouldn’t Jimmy Kimmel’s child still be getting care that others could not because Kimmel can afford it?

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  13. Picture
    Sadandconfused9 gc insider 24 days ago

    Thank Jimmy Kimmel and John McCain for helping to stop the GOP from selling us out for $12.50 per person, which is what the KOCH BROTHERS are paying Congress for each of us on the Healthcare Bill they’re trying to shove through Congress before the end of September. That health care bill will exclude at least 32 million people from getting Healthcare insurance.

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  14. U joes mint logo rs 192x204
    Uncle Joe gc insider 24 days ago

    Kimmel is better informed about what the consequences of the GOP healthcare “reform” would be than most Republican representatives. Certainly better informed than Lester.

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  15. Missing large
    Scratchy18  24 days ago

    What’s the difference between the ACA and the recent GOP proposal? Nothing, unless you’re a sheeple.

    It’s like people who gush over leftist pretty boy Trudeau in Canada. Sure, he cut foreign aid by 20%, sure he cut funding for First Nation education, sure he raised taxes on the middle class, sure he raised taxes on families, sure he cut funding for child care within families, sure he vastly increased spending on SJW favours, sure he’s proposing to raise taxes on small businesses, sure he loses his temper an awful lot, sure he got rid of five valuable transparency laws, sure he has a lot of pay-for-play going on, but he’s a fluffy rock star and so it doesn’t matter.

    A family of five now in Canada will spend over $1500 a year extra on taxes and receive $400/month less in child tax savings than when Harper was in power. Yay?

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  16. Thankyou
    Silly Season  24 days ago

    @Scratchy18 ^^ Objection!! Relevance?!

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  17. Durak t werewolf
    Durak gc insider 24 days ago

    Oh Mr. Lester. Look at the pot, calling the kettle black. Nothing cheap or emotional about you, no sir.

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  18. Th
    youcantbeserious gc insider 24 days ago

    Why do you label it “cheap” Lester? You are truly disgusting.

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  19.  cid 001501c858be 864af8f0 0200a8c0 d50gr671
    denis1112  24 days ago

    I might think more of Kimmel if he hadn’t gotten talking points from Chuck Schumer (D) New York .One of the three states that get 40% of the federal health care dollars.How is wanting to spread the money around more evenly wrong?Are you libs going to say that 40% of the population lives in New York,California,and Massachusetts?If that were so ,it is yet another reason to keep the Electoral College.

    Fly over country did not vote for you.

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  20. Picture
    Thomas Thieme  24 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel slurring those hard-working, deeply caring Republicans. Shame.

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  21. Missing large
    Marshal Mercer gc insider 24 days ago

    Let’s fix the ACA: withdraw all medical insurance coverage from citizens of states whose Senators and/or Representatives vote for ACA repeal.

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  22. Missing large
    DarleenMB gc insider 24 days ago

    Well Mike, Kimmel probably does know more than the jerks in Congress. And I mean the ones on the right.

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  23. Billgas
    Mr. Blawt  22 days ago

    His child is cheep emotionalism? You care so little about a new born, why do you fight so much to force women to keep their fetus? You only care to make women have children, you don’t care about the baby once it is born?

    Kimmel knows more than the GOP congress, who can’t seem to do anything right. This is a disgusting cartoon, that is his sick child the GOP is trying to make sure doesn’t have any coverage.

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