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  1. cjr53

    cjr53 said, about 4 years ago

    What about congratulating President Obama on his win? Mr. Ramirez, why can’t you be gracious? Americans have spoken.

  2. Robert Landers

    Robert Landers said, about 4 years ago


    Ultra right wing types being gracious? I think I will now go for a walk….. on the planet Mars!

  3. Butch Glover

    Butch Glover GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago


  4. Chillbilly

    Chillbilly said, about 4 years ago

    ME: “So … Ramirez … how’d that political campaign you waged for Mitt Romney work out?”
    RAMIREZ: “Look! Benghazi!”

  5. The Wolf In Your Midst

    The Wolf In Your Midst said, about 4 years ago

    Oh, I agree that the economy is headed in the wrong direction. But, you see, I point the finger of blame at the Republican party- the debt-ceiling standoff being just one of many situations where they’ve put their own interests ahead of the good of the country. That’s why this year, for the first time ever, I voted a straight party-line Democrat ticket.
    The Republican party has given itself over to sociopaths, punishment cultists and evangelicals. This country needs people who seek to govern, not hard-liners who only want to rule.

  6. Respectful Troll

    Respectful Troll said, about 4 years ago

    The facts on Benghazi will come out and I believe the President will be found to have done nothing wrong. It may be some of the people who are delegated to handle matters of state and security for diplomats may be found to have dropped the ball, but nothing criminal will be found. The Republicans have control of the HoR and will be able to continue investigating.
    While that is going on, can we work on making the healthcare bipartisan and more functional than it is? Can we move on getting off shore windmills built? Can we fix some of our thousands of bridges that are in need of repair? Can we improve our power grid to protect it from computer attacks and other threats?
    Benghazi is under investigation. In the meantime, let’s fix something.

  7. ninety_nine_percent

    ninety_nine_percent said, about 4 years ago

    Michael, the middle class is beginning to understand the GOP does not have its best interest at heart. The Republican party is going to really have to start lying big time to get the middle class to vote for them in the future.

  8. Ivan Araque

    Ivan Araque GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    Let’s see Benghazi move out of GOP’s priorities…

  9. corzak

    corzak said, about 4 years ago

    “posting everywhere for “right wing types” to be gracious but totally ignoring the “left wing type’s” gloating and mean-spirited snipes”

    I absolutely agree. The mocking and gloating are unwarranted and even un-American. We really need to get beyond the foolish name-calling. And get to work.

  10. Respectful Troll

    Respectful Troll said, about 4 years ago


    Excellent comment.
    Thank you.

  11. Keith Russell

    Keith Russell said, about 4 years ago

    @ninety_nine_percent, it is clear that the Democrats only care about their own interests of making the rich poor and the poor even more poor. In 1961 John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – Ask what you can do for your country.” Today, the Democratic party has flipped that on its head entirely. You just gave the perfect example of the Democrat stance, it’s about you and how you benefit from the government.

    Also, stop with the class warfare stuff, I bet you are in the top 1% of the world. What are you doing to make the world better? Stop complaining about the 1% and start doing something productive.

  12. Keith Russell

    Keith Russell said, about 4 years ago

    Last I heard, an attack on a US Consulate is an attack on US soil. An attack on US soil is an act of war.

  13. Stipple

    Stipple said, about 4 years ago

    The stupid people lost, go home. Your opinion is irrelevant, and since it is a bad opinion that was overruled by clear thinkers it is time for you to quit being a fool.

  14. dannysixpack

    dannysixpack said, about 4 years ago

    the righty’s will be calling for obama’s impeachment now.

    they never got over nixon.

  15. Doug Stegenga

    Doug Stegenga said, about 4 years ago

    Get a life, Ramirez.

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