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  1. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, almost 5 years ago

    Interesting the real start of the “fast and furious” was back in 2006!! Holder is telling Issa to get off his horse and look back at the source. Issa seems every day to be more focused on 2016 than the past. Hmmm, maybe he’s even hoping all the candidates will self-destruct this year? Issa proves himself a bigger jerk, every day.

  2. mrgoberg

    mrgoberg said, almost 5 years ago

    applies to all lawyers and politicians

  3. Kylop

    Kylop said, almost 5 years ago

    Mike, why did you draw yourself with the label “Eric Holder”?

  4. Ph8549

    Ph8549 said, almost 5 years ago

    The George Washington cherry tree “can’t lie” story, is a concocted myth, just like this phony scandal. Why didn’t Ramirez ever go after real crimes committed during the last administration? Instead, Ramirez aimed his poison pen onto real heroes like John Kerry or Michael Moore. Now he’s going after a great man like Holder.

  5. hanmari

    hanmari said, almost 5 years ago

    As the appointed head of the department of justice, Mr. Holder is above the law. Lawmakers in Congress have no right to investigate what he or his staff has done. This is why we have the separation of powers. Mr. Holder should be allowed to drive through red traffic lights, beat children with bricks, or give assault rifles to foreign terrorists who only want to push drugs on our youth. I support his right to act with impunity and lie to the people of the United States. What is even more outrageous is that you crazy conservatives might want to start holding our beloved President accountable for his rhetoric, promises, and campaign slogans. How dare you! These men are beyond reproach by virtue of the offices they hold and are accountable to no one. Long live King Obama and the Sheriff of Nottingham!

  6. hanmari

    hanmari said, almost 5 years ago

    I’m right with you on this one, Eryx. Why oh why do the elected officials who make the laws in our government think they have the right to pester someone with as much authority as a political appointee? It’s a travesty!

  7. cjr53

    cjr53 said, almost 5 years ago

    They may know the law. It also very clear that they think that they are above the law.

  8. itisme

    itisme GoComics PRO Member said, almost 5 years ago

    Interesting to note that George Washington never said those words or anything like them. That statement and the cherry tree incident were all made up.

  9. ivison.bedard

    ivison.bedard said, almost 5 years ago

    =0) They that do nothing are just as culpable as those who put an action into motion.

  10. Farley55

    Farley55 said, almost 5 years ago

    Holder’s testimony fails (repeatedly) to gibe with the facts. And the attempt to blame the dramatic failures and abuses of this program on Bush has already been disproven (I wonder where Holder got the “blame Bush” idea?). Should we really accept the idea that there should be no consequences for policies which cause hundreds of deaths?

  11. tenthreeleader

    tenthreeleader said, almost 5 years ago

    Eric, just ask your boss. He lies for a living.

  12. jack75287

    jack75287 said, almost 5 years ago

    How do you know he cannot lawfully provide the info. The separation of powers if any thing say congress can ask for the documents otherwise we would have a dictatorship and congress would be a show piece.

  13. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, almost 5 years ago

    Grand jury information IS “secret”, and NOT subject to Congressional query until the case reaches the courts. It has to do with both “security and secrecy” per post 9/11 psychosis, AND that silly “innocent until proven guilty” the DOJ and courts are supposed to respect. We also have a LOT of people in Congress who should NOT have security clearances for “defense” information, and those on this panel show WHY!

  14. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, almost 5 years ago

    @Trout: The umbrella project “gunrunner” did indeed begin under Bush. The operation was “wide receiver” and included the Mexican police. It failed and was shut down. Read about it. It is public knowledge.

    Why did holder decide to “do it all again”? The idea failed once already. But do it again he did. AND it failed again. So why is he covering up?

    Yeah, I know Bush is making him do it.

  15. Heavy B

    Heavy B said, almost 5 years ago

    Rememeber “Operation Wide Receiver”? No? Well thats because it was headed by a republican, so it was ok.

    Also, 200,000 guns missing from iraq? What ever happened with those?

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