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Jack Ohman

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  1. Suzanne C. Benning

    Suzanne C. Benning GoComics PRO Member said, almost 3 years ago

    To Jack Ohman: You got that right!

  2. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, almost 3 years ago

    A kid carrying a “toy” AK-47 that looked EXACTLY LIKE a REAL AK, was shot and killed by police. Now it’s the cop’s fault?

    My son was never allowed “toy” guns. EVERY real gun should ALWAYS be considered as LOADED. When my daughter and son were old enough, I taught them both to handle and use REAL GUNS! They learned respect for weapons. My daughter is crack with a rifle and pistol. My so after 13 year in the military, and carrying a weapon daily for years, is still outstanding with a shotgun, fairly good with a rifle, but only so-so with a pistol.

    POINT being; even WITH training, a lot of people with firearms, may not be very accurate with them.

    THAT is why semi-auto, and automatic, high capacity magazines are liked by “bad guys”, and a lot of just plain “gun nuts”, who can’t make “one round = one kill”, whether a deer, dove, or a real “bad guy”. “Spray and pray” is what’s behind the fascination for MOST folks who want these “military style” (not “assault”) weapons.

    The NRA is more than happy to see that these folks have access to PISTOLS , and short-barreled high capacity weapons that do NOT have function for target shooting (cost of higher caliber center-fire ammo is WAY too high for that!). Rimfire .22s are great for target shooting, I have both pistols and rifles for that, and enjoy it. My higher caliber weapons are for hunting, but I DO fire off enough rounds at the range to stay competent. A three inch pattern at 25 feet with a 2" barrel pistol, or at 200 yards with a rifle is within the limits of “stock” ammunition, and I can do better with “match”.

    The NRA “safety course” does NOT require that degree of skill to be “certified”.

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