Gasoline Alley by Jim Scancarelli

Gasoline Alley

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  1. Mineola

    Mineola said, over 4 years ago

    Nothing to do with the storyline, but has anyone noticed that the captions look hand drawn rather than computerized? Not all the letters are consistent in shape. (Unless the computer is programmed to vary the font shapes!)

  2. Estrelita Phillips

    Estrelita Phillips said, over 4 years ago

    I have a program called Comic Life Deluxe which I use to make stories for my grandchildren. I can do all sorts of whacky things with the balloons and the lettering.

  3. Buzza Wuzza

    Buzza Wuzza said, over 4 years ago

    Lettering comic strips is one of the highlights of my day and I do it all by hand.

  4. Nabuquduriuzhur

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, over 4 years ago

    I use Paint Shop Pro 7 for my book covers. Antiquated, but it does what I need it to.

  5. doggie

    doggie said, over 4 years ago

    Jim has always lettered his strips by hand. In fact, he lettered the Dick Moores strips when he was Dick’s assistant

  6. axe-grinder

    axe-grinder said, over 4 years ago

    Yes, the Gasoline Alley art and lettering are done in India ink on bristol board. I have some originals, and they are amazing to see.

  7. Kab Buch

    Kab Buch said, over 4 years ago

    So does Best Buy men and women wear shirts with company logo.
    Too bad the customer cannot explain how DVD works to him.

  8. alleyoops

    alleyoops GoComics PRO Member said, over 4 years ago

    The guy looks idle. That’s probably why Skeezix mistook him for an employee.

  9. WW2 Marine Veteran

    WW2 Marine Veteran said, over 4 years ago


    It didn’t show on my computer.

  10. James Gray

    James Gray said, over 4 years ago

    I have that problem all the time. For some reason, if I wear clothes that even remotely resemble the employee uniform someone will ask me where something is located. That’s why I avoid shopping at Walmart if I am wearing my tan pants.
    I guess I just look like somebody who know something.

  11. SaskSledDog

    SaskSledDog said, over 4 years ago

    Just the other day as I was walking through a store someone thought I worked there. He was looking for a cashier to pay for some socks he wanted. I’m about 30 years older than most of the people working there.

  12. ealeseth

    ealeseth said, over 4 years ago

    We used to have a neighbor who learned not to wear a red shirt to Target unless she wanted to be mistaken for an employee.

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