Free Range by Bill Whitehead

Free Range

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  1. Al S.

    Al S. said, about 3 hours ago

    If Isaac Newton invented baseball in the mid 17th century that would have been a breakthrough!

  2. Ismail  Nuri

    Ismail Nuri GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 hours ago

    I think his Third Law applies here.

  3. markmoss1

    markmoss1 said, 25 minutes ago

    It wasn’t exactly baseball as we know it, but in Newton’s time boys had balls – or if they couldn’t afford one, there were rocks – and boys had sticks, and if you don’t think they tried applying the stick to the ball, you’ve forgotten your childhood. Baseball and cricket originated centuries before 19th century schoolmasters began writing rule books – but it was different in each village, with trees, fences, etc., serving as the bases and limits, and the boys inventing rules to fit their informal playing field. And adults had no time to pay attention to boys’ games, as long as the ball didn’t hit a window.

    It wasn’t until the industrial era that children could afford more play equipment than just a ball, and it wasn’t until that era that adults could afford much time and attention for sports – except when the sports were practice for something “useful”, such as archery and jousting.

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