Jul 18, 2010
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Jason: You made me a dentist appointment for Tuesday?! THIS Tuesday?!?
Andy: What's wrong with Tuesday? 
Jason: That's when Starcraft II comes out! I have it preordered and everything! You can't pull me away from playing SC2 on its first day! At least wait until my fingers start bleeding!
Andy: A one hour break won't kill you.
Jason: You don't understand! I've been waiting 11 years for this game, mother! 11 WHOLE YEARS!!!
Andy: How is that possible? You're only 10 years old.
Jason: I started waiting while I was in the womb.
Roger: In Jason's defense, some of his baby kicks did feel a little like impatient foot taps.
Andy: Hi, I'm calling to change my son's appointment. Please don't ask why...
Aug 1, 2010
Small u 201701251613

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