FoxTrot by Bill Amend

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  1. SplendensPluviaNemus

    SplendensPluviaNemus said, about 7 years ago

    I’ve never read Twilight books, and I never really wanted to. Out of random curiosity, I once read a few small synopses of some of them, to find out what they were about… and found I really, really didn’t want to read them. But then, I dislike romance novels anyway so, yeah.

  2. JP Steve

    JP Steve said, about 7 years ago

    Careful, Jason. You might make yourself desirable to the opposite sex!!!

  3. ArmyChic

    ArmyChic said, about 7 years ago

    I have read every book in that series 2X and I absolutely LOVE it!!!

  4. Lewreader

    Lewreader said, about 7 years ago

    I used them in my adult reading class. They were rather juvenile and poorly written at that.

  5. GuntotingLiberal

    GuntotingLiberal said, about 7 years ago

    Just a shot in the dark from having watched about 5 minutes of Twilight on tv… I’d guess the target audience is emo teenagers of both sexes, which would probably explain the juvenile writing. Emo teen vampire 90210 v1.0.

  6. Nick V

    Nick V said, about 7 years ago

    Please. I’ve read plenty of adolescent literature, and even the first-person stuff was better-written than Meyer’s work.

    I tend to prefer the typical vampire idea - werewolf dies, curse lives on, keeping the person trapped in between life and death, et cetera.

  7. kfaatz925

    kfaatz925 said, about 7 years ago

    LOL! This seems far too appropriate since yesterday I finally gave in and read “Twilight.” Must admit it was like Oreos or similar - addictive and I read more than I knew I should. ;) Fun just the same.

  8. Sheila

    Sheila said, about 7 years ago

    Twilight is for TEENAGERS OF TODAY who were raised in an apathetic society of t.v. zombies and “Give them easy stuff to read and learn. They are just kids”. (Of course, I love the books!!! Says the 36 year old mom of 5)

  9. Dypak

    Dypak GoComics PRO Member said, about 7 years ago

    Jason, that sounds like the best advice you’ve had in years.

  10. wallyworld217

    wallyworld217 said, about 7 years ago

    Comics like these are why Bill Amend should be working on dailies too. He is always on top of pop culture! Funny stuff!

  11. rdh288

    rdh288 said, about 7 years ago

    Read them once. Decent, but not spectacular. Until the second half of #4. Now THAT was a good tale.

  12. whardin1960

    whardin1960 said, about 7 years ago

    She forgot the sparkles. Can’t have an emo vampire w/out the sparkles.

  13. notinksanymore

    notinksanymore GoComics PRO Member said, about 7 years ago

    Actually, I was impressed at the vocabulary used in the Twilight novels. The average American teenager doesn’t have the best vocabulary, and I really liked the way she slid a few SAT words in there. It was subtle, not obnoxious the way some young-adult readers can be.

  14. chinook2

    chinook2 said, about 7 years ago

    Aw, Paige is one of them too?!

  15. abdullahrox

    abdullahrox said, almost 7 years ago

    i hate this comics

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