Benitin y Eneas by Pierre S. De Beaumont and Bud Fisher

Benitin y Eneas

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  1. Arye Uygur

    Arye Uygur said, over 3 years ago

    Good morning, Vagabonds. It’s 1:11 AM here in Miami. I must leave my home at 4 AM, so I can’t comment on anything and I wanna take a 2 hour nap.

  2. JanCinLV

    JanCinLV said, over 3 years ago

    Safe trip Arye.

  3. davidf42

    davidf42 said, over 3 years ago

    Morning, Village.
    Have a safe trip, Arye.

    I’m taking a week of vacation to work on the house. Getting it almost finished.

  4. dkram

    dkram said, over 3 years ago

    Kind’a gray to day, temp low mid 30s.
    Brain fog hasn’t lifted yet.
    Home time for Arye. Hope your trip was good.
    This Old House for David, enjoy your work.
    Florchi and Jan and all to come have a wonnerful day.

  5. JanCinLV

    JanCinLV said, about 3 years ago

    Good morning to all my Vagabondish friends.

    Bible study this morning.

    Remind me later and I’ll tell a tale of how even a small stumble can cause major problems.


    SWEETBILL said, about 3 years ago


    I had a wonderful visit with my son and wife and my grandaughter and great grandaughter.

    @davidf42- the nice thing about taking a weeks vacation
    to work on the house, is “it’s for you”- so it’s not really “work”
    so too speak……………………………

  7. davidf42

    davidf42 said, about 3 years ago


    You got that right!

  8. JanCinLV

    JanCinLV said, about 3 years ago

    OK, my promised tale:
    Yesterday I tripped over my husband’s foot. Not too big a deal for me, our toenails snagged each other and mine turned back just enough to be annoying. He, on the other hand, ripped off half of his toenail on his big toe. Blood everywhere! He couldn’t walk for a day (still limping, but he’s walking today, and no more blood) Still not sure exactly how that happened, but man do I feel guilty.

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