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By Garry Trudeau
May 30, 2009
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Rev. Sloan: "The wrath of God being revealed in Heaven!" Sam: Again? Reverend Sloan, I've been noticing something about the readings in church... Rev. Sloan: What's that, Sam? Sam: Well, whenever you read from the Old Testament, God is always crabby and snarky to everyone... but the New Testament isn't about anger at all - it's about love. God's only son is this total pacifist - he wouldn't harm a flea. He's just this humble dude who's mellow to everyone - even the Romans! He only really snaps once, right? B.D.: With who, honey? Sam: The moneylenders, Mom! B.D.: Oh, right. What is it about moneylenders? Rev. Sloan: They do seem to set people off, don't they?
Jun 1, 2009
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