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By Garry Trudeau
Jul 10, 1993
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President King: (Worrywart...scalawag...polyglot...Hmmm..tough calls each.)  Dean: How's the new speech code coming along, sir?  President King: Getting there...I've had it vetted by every student group on campus. It's shaping up to be as comprehensive a glossary of forbidden speech as any currently offered by a major University.  Dean: Does it contain "Water Buffalo"?  President King: Water Buffalo? Water Buffalo is an insult?  Dean: Apparently a group of women students at Penn filed racial harassment charges against a white student who called them "Water Buffalo."  President King: Water Buffalo... Sigh...this could be harder than I thought...  Student: What are looking at, you hedgehog?  Student #2: Take a hike, you white-tailed deer! You walrus! You tufted wood nymph!
Jul 12, 1993
Small u 201701251612

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