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Cul de Sac

By Richard Thompson
Sep 15, 2007
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Alice: My name is Alice Otterloop, and I'm 4 years old. I live in Cul de Sac, a suburban community ringed by a might wall and girded by a moat of stagnant traffic. Its placid exterior hides mysteries to chill the blood!
Alice: Yonder stands the haunted gazebo, where no one ever dares set foot. Yet, on midsummer's eve, its suffused with a special light, and the murmured prayers of ghostly druid priests can be heard! 
Alice: Or the Uncanny Old Lady, a throwback to a time before cul de sac! From her Kitsch-filled yard, she beckons, seeking to turn the unwary into small yappy dogs with her dire magic! 
Grandma: What'd she say? 
Mom: Alice! Stop being silly and come talk to your grandma!
Sep 17, 2007
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