1. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  3 months ago

    says the father who might be clogging his arteries (and breaking the bank)

  2. Shilo s first year 002  2
    MY DOG IS MY CO PILOT  3 months ago

    When my parents had steak I had to have chicken because they told me that I wouldn’t like it. This happened a few times and then one time while I was at a friend’s house I had steak with them for dinner and I really enjoyed it. They were surprised that I had never had it before (at this stage I was 16) so I told them what my parents had always said. Their response was “How could you know if you don’t try”. Going home I felt really cheated by them as I recalled that they had used that excuse for a lot of things like “you can’t go to the circus or fairground because you wouldn’t like it.”, among other things. When I got home I told them I had steak and that I really enjoyed it. When they asked if I had told them I didn’t like it I said I didn’t tell them as I wanted to try it. I told them that it was my first trying it and when they asked why I said "well Mum and Dad often have it but when they do I just have chicken because they only buy expensive things for themselves. " They were about to punish me for that but when I pointed out true it actually was they relented . We did have steak after that. Less frequently but when we did I had some too. And I went on my first fairground ride soon after.

  3. Caughtupinthelaughter1
    Mark Sowards gc insider 3 months ago

    Really in the early years kids don’t like ‘adult’ food. I remember being very upset with my son when he wanted a hotdog when I cooked steaks for dinner. Some where around 10 or 11 they start to enjoy more adult fair, it’s a gradual thing.

  4. Missing large
    Scratchy18  3 months ago

    Yup, my kids couldn’t eat steak until they were six at least. Even then only a little bit. And we only had steak once or twice a year.

  5. Taz by abovetheflames
    danketaz gc insider 3 months ago

    Now shut up and enjoy your gruel.

  6. Missing large
    1004mike gc insider 3 months ago

    I don’t know what type of steak that is but it sure isn’t tenderloin. No bone in a filet.

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