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  1. Ol Skool

    Ol Skool said, about 15 hours ago

    kids, that IS the Holiday Spirit to your dad

  2. somebodyshort

    somebodyshort said, about 14 hours ago

    He needs to get into the holiday SPIRITS !!
    like a nice Scotch
    and a dark rum
    and a good Irish whiskey
    and some Newfounland screech
    and some Canadian Club

  3. Nabuquduriuzhur

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, about 14 hours ago


    Then he sobers up and finds that it’s New Years…

    (Bloom County some years back had one of Steve Dallas’ NY hallucinations calling 911 because they were still around a week after new years.)

  4. Doctor Toon

    Doctor Toon GoComics PRO Member said, about 8 hours ago

    Had myself convinced that I didn’t like Egg Nog but I had to try the Pumpkin Spice flavor our store carries, turns out I like that ( a lot)

    No booze in mine thanks, I have actually tried to learn to enjoy drinking and finally gave up

  5. LadyKat

    LadyKat said, about 8 hours ago


    Doubles for me, please!

  6. Nicole

    Nicole GoComics PRO Member said, about 7 hours ago

    I’ve never made it to the end of that movie either. I prefer movies like “A Christmas Story”, “Bad Santa”, “Elf”, and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. Gimme some laughs!

  7. Mike G

    Mike G said, about 7 hours ago

    There is a Saturday Night Live skit portraying the lost ending of Its a Wonderful Life, which deals with the town learning the truth about Mr. Potter’s role in the matter of the $8,000 and the subsequent administration of “justice.”

  8. Scyphi

    Scyphi said, about 7 hours ago

    I’ve seen the movie only in parts, so I’ve got the general jist of the tale. It IS a good tale, but the kids aren’t wrong, it is a little sluggish for a first time viewer in this modern age that is used to more fast-paced movies.

    But a movie doesn’t have to be fast-paced to be really good.

  9. Perkycat

    Perkycat GoComics PRO Member said, about 6 hours ago

    Adam has a wonderful life and should realize it. The kids should really watch the movie all the way through at least once, though.
    Doc Toon – I’ve always said I don’t like egg nog either but not sure I want to get into it – heard it’s fattening. I’m not a drinker either – occasional glass of wine.

  10. Bruno Zeigerts

    Bruno Zeigerts said, about 6 hours ago

    It is a wonderful movie, but I can see why kids might not be thrilled by it.
    Apparently, the main reason it’s shown at Christmas is because the rights expired, and networks can show it for free.

  11. pschearer

    pschearer GoComics PRO Member said, about 5 hours ago

    I loathe a movie that tries to show the joy of surrendering your goals and ambitions for the sake of your neighbors.

  12. flippant23

    flippant23 said, about 5 hours ago

    Black and white films in general appear to be an endangered viewing experience. From what I’ve read a majority of “young” people aren’t comfortable with them and don’t watch them at all. I feel a “Casablanca” remake looming.

  13. neverenoughgold

    neverenoughgold GoComics PRO Member said, about 5 hours ago

    Eggnog does have a high calorie count; about 350 per cup and about half are from fat.
    I love a little eggnog around Christmas time; however, I like mine fortified with brandy and rum. If it’s cold enough, I like to warm up with a Tom & Jerry topped with a dash of nutmeg!

  14. kea

    kea said, about 4 hours ago

    kids today got no patience. but then neither do most of their parents.

  15. Adam Abrams

    Adam Abrams GoComics PRO Member said, about 3 hours ago

    @Mike G

    I still remember that, it’s fantastic! Ties up the notorious loose end of the story too…. 8^)

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