Way back in the summer of 1971 I sprouted from the local potato fields of Antigo Wisconsin. Being the youngest spud out of nine meant I would have to fertilize myself into the cartoonist I am today. I was able to distinguish myself from my other siblings by showing my creativity and love of drawing at an early age. I studied Architectural and Residential Design at Northcentral Technical College here in central Wisconsin. I am the creator of the cartoon panel ‘MINDFRAME’, which won the Twain Award for Best Single Panel Cartoon of 2014-2015. I am also the co-creator along with Ryan Stoker for the daily comic strip ‘PRIDELAND’, which I draw. Currently I am a mechanical designer by day and a super cartoonist by night!

Then, along comes this extremely talented guy by the name of Jeffrey Caulfield. He was looking for an artist to collaborate on a new cartoon idea of his. ‘YAFFLE’ was born! Since I had set Mindframe aside, this was a perfect fit. Jeff’s humor and my artwork made for a great match! You are sure to be amused!

I still reside in my hometown of Antigo Wisconsin along with my husband Ron and our three dogs; Rex, Odie, and Molly. I love going up to my studio surrounded by the original comic artwork of others adorning the walls!