W.T. Duck by Aaron Johnson for January 08, 2019


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    Richard Howland-Bolton Premium Member 8 months ago

    Indulge with me in a little Gedankenexperiment, a thought experiment, you know the sort of thing—-wild hypothesizing after the style of the famous Schrodinger’s cat-in-the-box experiment.


    Let us hypothesize that a man went to see a psychiatrist, who, in the way of hypothetical psychiatrists showed him some Rorschach-test ink blots. The man looked at the first one for several seconds and, after mumbling for a bit, we may posit that he finally said“Well this is a bit embarrassing, but it looks like a couple in a bed making love”.“Hmmm” said the psychiatrist and presented his subject with another card.“Well this one looks like a couple of young lovers on a haystack.”“Hmmm. And tzis vone?”“A pilot and a stewardess in the cockpit of… I think it’s a Boeing 757”.“And tzis…?”“Three young ladies and … a … a hippopotamus!!…”


    And so our hypothetical psychiatrist theorizes,“Vell I tzink tzat I know vhat your problem is, you seem to be obsessed vit ze sex.”Leaping to his feet the patient cries—-

    “Me! …“Me!! …“Obsessed?? …“You’re the one with all the dirty pictures!!!”


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