Working Daze by John Zakour and Scott Roberts for March 16, 2024

  1. Orion95
    Jml58  4 months ago

    Taste good and puts sweat on the brow.

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  2. Missing large
    catchup  4 months ago

    i wanted to make a comment about biryani not being a hot dish but apparently it came under the banned list…

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  3. Airhornmissc
    Liverlips McCracken Premium Member 4 months ago

    catchup above is correct. Biryani, generally, is ordered mild.

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  4. Airhornmissc
    Liverlips McCracken Premium Member 4 months ago

    Good thing he didn’t order the vindaloo.

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  5. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  4 months ago

    Ha. That is notheeng. You should tries cheecken hyderabadi.

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  6. Missing large
    jmworacle  4 months ago

    Well, he’ll have clear sinuses.

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  7. Fox picture avatar  2
    phritzg Premium Member 4 months ago

    He might have another spicy experience when this exits his digestive system.

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  8. Vaw 78 squadron patch
    Kidon Ha-Shomer  4 months ago

    okay here is the secret family recipe, 2 pounds of navy beans, one pound of smoked pork butt, three ounces of dry, stone ground, mustard a five-gallon pot with two and a half gallons of water, six reapers. place all ingredients into the pot, simmer for not less than twelve nor more than 18 hours. serve with corn chips and either plain yogurt or sour cream on the side, add chopped onion to taste when serving.

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  9. Buster pictureperfect 01
    MichaelD Premium Member 4 months ago

    Maybe stick a carbon rod in his mouth?

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  10. Wizanim
    ChessPirate  4 months ago

    “I need to cool my mouth down. Got any Red-Hots?”

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  11. 250
    ladykat  4 months ago

    Just a tad.

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  12. Hipshotbellestarr
    scaeva Premium Member 4 months ago

    Love the glowing eyeballs.

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  13. Fdr avatar 6d9910b68a3c 128
    Teto85 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Thanks for the inspiration. Going shopping later today and have to add the chili ingrediments.

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  14. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  4 months ago

    If heat is the predominant flavor, The recipe need adjusting. Anyone can load something up with chiles.

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  15. Missing large
    WF11  4 months ago

    I’m always surprised by how many people don’t care for Indian food. Even Sherlock Holmes (as played by Basil Rathbone in one of the movies) commented that he detested curry! I find most of the curries and other delights to be a wonderful mix of different tastes (I agree, I don’t want anything TOO hot, but I don’t want it too mild either). I would guess that more people will eat chili that’s too hot rather than Indian food. Maybe that’s just a familiarity thing and it will gradually become more widely appreciated. To me, that’s a wonderful thing about living in a diverse society with people and cultures from all over the world: we (I’m referring to the US, can’t speak for anyone else) have a great variety of foods of different ethnic origins available to us. Otherwise we might not have anything to eat besides overcooked beef, boiled chicken, potatoes, and beans (not that these are necessarily bad, but I don’t want them 7 days a week!).

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  16. Donald duck2
    gmu328  4 months ago

    Some people enjoy their food so hot that it’s not suitable for the bulk of us. Someone said that it’s a badge of honor to be able to eat such hot food. I’m not sure I would call it a badge of honor.

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  17. Avatar
    contralto2b  4 months ago

    As a “stero-typical” American, I have not had exposure to Indian food, but have started trying it in the last decade. I have had chicken biryani and really liked it. I like some heat to my food (have had exposure with Tex-Mex, Chinese and Japanese) so was not surprised. My mother and I used to travel together and try new things and now my daughter and I are carrying on the tradition.

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  18. Spinning beach ball of death thumb
    JHL1  4 months ago

    Awww, they deleted YaketySax’s chili story

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