Wide Open by Rich Powell for February 03, 2023

  1. Idano
    Ida No  8 months ago

    “Is you is, or is you ain’t my cheese crust?”

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  2. Forbear
    Qiset  8 months ago

    Finally. Practical applications for Quantum Mechanics!

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  3. Bill the cat
    Bill D. Kat Premium Member 8 months ago

    For those scratching their heads over this, the Schrödinger equation is the fundamental equation of the science of submicroscopic phenomena known as quantum mechanics. The equation, developed in 1926 by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger, has the same central importance to quantum mechanics as Newton’s laws of motion have for the large-scale phenomena of classical mechanics.

    So if you still don’t get it, you’re in good company with about 99.9% of the human population.

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  4. Louis2
    PoodleGroomer  8 months ago

    Advanced calculations are needed for the frozen center of a pot pie… or a thermometer.

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  5. T
    T...  8 months ago

    Now where’d that darn cat go…

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