ViewsEurope by CartoonArts International for August 24, 2018

  1. Guy fawkes
    Guy Fawkes  about 3 years ago


    I read the news today, oh boy

    About those lucky Brits who made the break

    And though the news was rather sad

    Well I just had to laugh

    I saw the photographs


    They blew their minds out in the war

    They didn’t notice that the world had changed

    A world of people stood and stared

    They’d seen olde England’s face before

    But nobody was really sure if it was the same at all

    I saw a tweet today, oh, boy

    The English Right had just won the vote

    A world of people were dismayed

    But I just had to look

    Having just been took

    They’d love to turn on you


    Choked up, felt out of bread

    Incited the mob in olde Hempstead

    Found a lie down there and drank it up

    And looking up I noticed I was white

    Turned my coat and grabbed my bat

    Racist now— in seconds flat

    Brown skin ain’t British, bloke

    Aryans spoke and I went into a dream

    I streamed the news today, oh boy

    40 million against Brexit’s win

    And though the votes were rather small

    They had to be appalled

    Now they know how many votes it takes to turn them all

    I’d love to turn you off on

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  2. 1939 11 adventure neff
    Donaldo Premium Member about 3 years ago

    Misleading BS. The people wanted out of the EU and the UK economy is soaring. Politicians are squirming and manipulating trying to overturn the vote. Thank god for Farage and others who remind everybody: We voted already. We said no already.

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  3. Lighthouse
    mountaingreenery.  about 3 years ago

    Misleading BS sums up Brexit. It is a total pig’s breakfast.

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  4. Tor johnson
    William Bednar Premium Member about 3 years ago

    The “three day week” sounds good. That’s why the Labor Party voted “yea”.

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  5. Missing large
    Thomas & Tifffany Connolly  about 3 years ago

    This was at least some fun…

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