ViewsAsia by Cartoon Movement-US for March 26, 2009

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    WillBerry  over 15 years ago

    This is the country that Hilary warned about firing off a newly developed long-range missile, the same country that Bush tried to confront, Bill Clinton tried to buy off (with a nuclear reactor for “peaceful” use), Regan-Bush41 waffled on, Carter tried to “reason with”, Nixon tried to ignore, JFK/LBJ DID ignore (Cuba and Vietnam were more on scene), DDE tried to freeze out, and Truman actually fought against, albeit with one hand tied behind his back on the account of the USSR and Communist China - It is STILL the status quo since 1952, the year I was born! Will it, can it, ever be changed?

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    cdward  over 15 years ago

    This is one that is likely to be unchanged for a long time. I continue to keep the people of North Korea in my prayers.

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    CorosiveFrog Premium Member over 15 years ago

    ^ Very clever and mature answer, StewieZ :P

    REmember, folks! When I was four, the soviet regime collapsed and it was not because of us. Threatening them will only rassemble North Koreans around their leader out of fear (like you clung to W. after 9/11).

    As long as they leave us alone, leave them alone.

    But let’s stay ready in case they’re fool enough to make a move.

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    not_bob_utah  over 15 years ago

    Why is it the problem of the U.S. to reign in N.K.? Im so tired of being told that is our problem and responsibility. China knows NK is their problem to manage, we have nothing to fear from NK - they are nothing to us. Your elected leaders continue to pump them up as a problem to justify our massively overfunded military - trying to create the next cold war.

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    WillBerry  over 15 years ago

    LLeRay - You say : “China itself is getting beyond its immediate past.” Have you checked lately? China’s military is building like mad and their technology is catching up fast, they are buying up anything that is worth anything in the world, using our own money to pay for it while living off of the work of their enslaved masses (Remember, the Communist Party still runs the country), and our industrial jobs have been outsourced to Beijing. The reason we can’t do anything about NK is that they are China’s puppet, currently being used to distract public opinion in the West from the Chinese Economic power-grab!

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    WillBerry  over 15 years ago

    Corosive Frog : “As long as they leave us alone, leave them alone.” Do you have any history books that deal with the 1938 Munich Talks between British PM Neville Chamberlain, the French leadership and Adolf Hitler? Hitler left the West alone until he was ready! Then came Poland, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, and almost Britain! If it hadn’t have been for PM Tojo’s militarists in Tokyo FDR still might not have convinced the isolationists in the US Congress that we might be next!

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