May 8, 2014
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The Tale of Ye Olde Inter-Nets 
Part the First
Man: We figured out a way to connect information between homes, shoppes and villages. 
King: Verily? 
Man: You send a messenger, or "request", to an address, and it sends you the information. 
King: Let me try it. Find me a goode joke. 
Man: I'll write this special address...
Jester: Is that you popular songstress singing or doth a goose farte? 
King: Ha-ha! She got served!
Man: Any information can be thus spread: commerce or news. 
King: Hmm...we shall need a better means for the information to travel. 
Troll: Ahem, I own the bridges and footpaths. 
King: Under MY license, troll!
Troll: YES, m'lord. If it pleases you, I'll build out the roads, and then charge users a fee. 
King: Very well. 
And so were new roads built by the troll, and the internets grew!
Man: The entire kingdom is prospering. 
Troll: But I, we internets service provisioner, not enough!
Continued next week -
May 15, 2014
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