Nov 8, 2013
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The Tom the Dancing Bug Comic Strip. by Ruben Bolling
There circles the sun another Earth, a COUNTER-EARTH, whose diametrically opposed orbit keeps it forever beyond our detection. 
Let us explore this strange world that is not quite the opposite of our own -- but SOMEWHAT DISSIMILAR IN CERTAIN WAYS!
On COUNTER-EARTH, employers are allowed to make generalizations that work to the female gender's disadvantage. 
Boss: You're both equally qualified, so I'm hiring the MAN because he's less likely to take time off for his family. 
Yet in professional sporting events, generalizations that would work to females' advantages are not allowed. 
Woman: YAY! I came in first place AMONG WOMEN! I should get a prize! 
Man: That's SEXIST!! Everyone should be judged INDIVIDUALLY by their ABILITIES, not by CATEGORY! 
Businesses are permitted to deny economic opportunity based on gender-based generalizations. 
Man: Why bother testing? Men are usually stronger than women, so I'll just hire MEN. 
Yet professional sports leagues are not permitted to segregate based on gender. 
Woman: There's no rule preventing women from playing in the NBA, but we're forming our own league! 
Man: ILLEGAL! You're denying men who aren't good enough for the NBA the right to earn a living in your league!
Other exclusionary niche leagues formed but disallowed on Counter-Earth: 
Nearsighted Baseball League
Rh Negative Person's Football League
Second Toe Longer Than Big Toe Hockey League
Nov 15, 2013
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