Aug 15, 2013
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super-fun-pak comix
brain in a beaker
brain: i often wonder: what if i'm not a brain in a beaker! what if i'm a brain in some other container, being stimulated to think i'm a brain in a beaker! crazy, right?
percival dunwoody, idiot time traveler from 1909
percival: people of 1963! i have come from 2013 to tell you of their wondrous advances! all their suitcases have wheels!
man 1: gasp!
woman: no!
man 2: how th...?
comics for the elderly
old guy: megabytes! dot-com! yeesh! you young people are computer-crazy!
young guy: actually, i'm an artisinal cheese-maker.
old guy: well, get a haircut!
the further adventures of harry potter
ron: harry! hagrid's in danger!
hermione: wait! this comic strip is a copyright infringement unless it's a parody!
harry: quick! say something parodic!
hermione: parodius!
ron: okay, on with the story!
chaos butterfly
explorer 1: that butterfly's about to flap it's wings!
explorer 2: don't disturb it! that's chaos butterfly!
oop: oh, what harm could it do?
flap flap
3 weeks later, l.a.
girl: sharknado!
guy: chaos butterfly!!!
targeted comics
comics algorithmically generated to be hilarious to you, based on your browsing history!!
finally!! that must be that juicer or blender i ordered!
if it weren't for bad news about the st. louis rams, there wouldn't be any news at all!' god bless mommy an' daddy an' rover an' nude videos free porn hardcore!
Aug 22, 2013
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