Mar 15, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The Superhero With Omnipotent Powers!
This Week: Quantum Heroics
God-Man is relaxing over a game of YAHTZEE with Albert Einstein when...
Einstein: Come on, FIVE...YES!! Large straight!
God-Man: Excuse me, Al. I sense trouble on Maple Avenue! 
God-Man: What's wrong, Mrs. Huber? 
Mrs. Huber: God-Man! Walt isn't back from his Elks Club Meeting yet! 
I'm getting worried.
Mrs. Huber: Maybe he's just running late and couldn't call -- but maybe he's been in an accident! 
God-Man asserts his God-Power over every atom in the universe...
And then he is done. 
Mrs. Huber: So...that's it? Walt IS on his way home? 
God-Man: Probably. 
Mrs. Huber: PROBABLY? You can't do any better than THAT? 
God-Man: It's complicated, Mrs. Huber. 
Good luck! 
Mrs. Huber: Good LUCK?! You're God-Man! 
God-Man: ...she just didn't GET that omnipotence only goes so far! 
Aw, cheese-n-crackers! What's a guy gotta do to roll a SIX around here?!
Mar 22, 2013
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