Dec 13, 2012
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Lo, the quest had begun. Travelers from Middle-School on a mission to gaze upon the First of the Three Movies of Awesome. 
Their band numbered 3. None had a stronger bond with the stories of yore than their leader. Louis the Stout of Heart and Keen of Mind. 
Then there was Myron, the companion, reader of the unreadable scrolls - simple of mind and loyal only to Louis. 
And the third, Brandon the tiny of stature, but the haver of a girlfriend (sorte of) for almost two weeks, and a high score in brothers of Mario the Super. 
To transport Louis and Myron, a sturdy Vaan of Mini, steered by Magic, or Mayhap an invisible parent, it is known not. 
Father: So, did you guys see the first movies on DVD? 
Traveling by night, they traversed the Valley of Mall Centre, spanned the Parking Lotte of Vstness, and approached the Plexx of Multitude. 
There was the ancient Tic Tac Fight
The Theathre
South lies the food courte
here of old was Gap Maternity, Now Locker of Foot 
Julius of Orange
Their goal within reach, they scanned the throngs of pilgrims for their ally Brandon. Panic did begin to rise. 
And then, a textual message from on far, with tidings of doom and despair most deep. 
Guys, can't meet you -
Have to watch Emma :( 
Louis: Noble Brandon! He shall be avenged! 
END. Part the first .
Next, in part the second (coming soon, separate admission): Mutinous Mutterings in the Lobby of Turmoil. 
Myron: Louis, please shut up. That's not even what Tolkien's prose sounds like. 
Louis: How would I know? I never read the books!
Dec 20, 2012
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