Nov 5, 2010
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The Mind-Bending Adventures of Percival Dunwoody
Idiot Time-Traveler from 1909
Percival: Egad! What a marvelous invention! Whatever do you call it? 
Man: A BUTTER CHURN! Again, Mr. Dunwoody: you traveled BACK in time! It's 1872!
Percival: Good lord! In that case, I've created a time-paradox I must rectify immediately!
Percival: As much as it pains me, I must now find and kill my own grandfather!
Man: What? But why? 
Percival: I hate that foul-smelling old coot!
Do I need any more reason than that?
Percival: Take that, Gramps! Now the space-time continuum is safe from your halitosis!
Grandfather: Huh? 
Percival: My stars! Is that tiny thing a music-listening device? 
Woman: My iPod? Yeah...
Percival: What wondrous times!! How very small your butter churns must be in this age!
Man: Help! There's been a murder!
Percival: And behold! What a delight fully novel fad! I must show it to my grandchildren!
Percival: Hi, it's me! I'm talking! Good day! 
Man: Mr. Dunwoody, cell phones won't work in 1928! There's no network!
Percival: What is a "cell phone"? This is a SNUFF BOX! 
Woman: Look at that, Mabel! The latest fad! 
Woman: Hello, Snuff Box! How are you? I'm quite fine! 
Percival: Great Scott! She's being filmed!
Percival: When later generations see that film of her engaged in futuristic fad of Snuff-Box-Talking, it will create ANOTHER time-paradox!
Percival: Hello, I am YOU, five minutes from now, here to PREVENT that time-paradox!
Percival #2: Well-played
Next: But was he too late?
Nov 19, 2010
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