Jan 2, 2010
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Married Ladies: I'll Give You What Your Husbands DON'T
...For A Price
We meet discreetly at a hotel, the room registered under my name. Your husband will never know.
I'll cook the dinner. Just you and I -- no Blackberries, iPhones, sports scores, or beer. 
Man: I know how you like artichokes...
Can your husband converse like this - 
Man: Oh, perfect! She's the one who couldn't be bothered to drop Timmy off after the sleepover!
Woman: I know!
Or this - 
Man: She said WHAT? Last month, your mother couldn't WAIT to visit Sharon!
Woman: That's right!
Building to this - 
Man: Now, I've been thinking about afterschool activities for the fall. First, for Jenna, there's an art class...
Woman: Ohh
Finally, to bed. Here's where I REALLY know just what you want. 
What you need. 
I turn out the lights, lean over, and whisper: 
Man: You've had a hard day. You should go right to sleep. 
Woman: ZZZ
Just leave the money on the dresser. I'll clean up and take the garbage out.
Jan 10, 2010
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