Aug 23, 2008
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The History of Doug
Odyssey of an Unremarkable Cartoon Character
The Saga Continues!
In the mid-1960s, Doug made an embarrassing attempt to cash in on the super-hero craze. 
Doug: Uhn...must get to...flagpole...
It was in the underground comix scene of the late sixties, however, that Doug hit his stride. His comic book "Sex, Doug and Rock & Roll" was an instant smash. 
Woman: I hear they're hiring at the Kwiky-Mart. 
Doug: Don't be a bring-down, baby. 
But Doug left that success after only one issue to try to attain broad commercial appeal. The seventies were marked by his obvious and ingratiating attempts to start a CATCHPHRASE. 
Doug: Don't mind me...I'm just naughty!!
Dough: Toaster ovens on ice!!
Doug: Looks like...I DOOD IT AGAIN!!
Doug: GIANT WOMBATS! We're almost out of gas!
Doug: This is some party! ROCKIN' RIBOFLAVIN!
In the 1980s, Doug decided that "The big bucks are in the highbrow stuff", and made several appearances in original paintings. 
Doug: I'm ART, DAMMIT!
But the overwhelming consensus was that he was NOT art, and Doug found himself scrounging for work in comics again. 
Bird #1: Hey, Doug! How ya doin', buddy?
Bird #2: Are ya thirsty, Doug? 
In 1990, Doug landed a gig in an obscure comic strip and settled into the first semi-regular work of his career. 
Baby: Hey, Doug, betcha I can make you say "Kierkegaard."
Doug: I'm just so very tired...
Sep 6, 2008
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