May 17, 2008
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The League of Public Domain Properties
Pinocchio: Is past time for him to come-a join our team! Where is he? 
Robin Hood: Surely he's being held prisoner!
Snow White: We have to rescue him!
Pinocchio: Little Mermaid! You swimma the moat and lower the bridge! Grazie!
Little Mermaid: Yes, Pinocchio! 
Pinocchio: Herclues! Get the gate!
Hercules: XPPRR! 
Snow White: Lawyers and lobbyists! Hordes of them! Robin Hood, SHOOT! 
Robin Hood: Right-o! 
Quasimodo: Snow White! Climb up my hump et into ze window! Voila! 
Snow White: There you are! We built this empire for you, and now you're free to join us!
Mickey Mouse: I ain't goin' nowhere, toots! I'm gonna extend my copyright here FOREVER!
Snow White: Oh, CENSORED!
May 31, 2008
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