Tom Stiglich for October 16, 2019


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    quixotic1  2 months ago

    Uh huh. You left out trump.

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  2. Coexist
    Bookworm  2 months ago

    I’m still wondering why an athlete, however athletically gifted, feels offended when his remarks cause a backlash. Of course, Mr. James is certainly entitled to and free to express his opinion. But I’m always amused when such an athlete is so dismayed to find out others may disagree.

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    Zebrastripes  2 months ago

    If it isn’t broke why fix it? To deny freedom to Hong Kong is the biggest injustice, ya know, like congress moving at a snails pace to impeach trump?

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  4. Missing large
    OldCoal  2 months ago

    Clicked on the link wondering “distraction or excuse”.


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  5. Mines
    Madzdad the bard  2 months ago

    Did hell just freeze over? A single Stiglich cartoon I can agree with?

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  6. Pine marten3
    martens  2 months ago

    RW meme for the day. Feeble, but that’s the way it is.

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  7. Missing large
    ideations  2 months ago

    At least Stigy is trying…sort of.

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  8. Flibble 400x400
    Mr. Flibble   2 months ago

    What is really ironic about all of these cartoons regarding the NBA and CHina’s position regarding democracy and human rights is that it is much like the pot calling the kettle black. If you look at our history, as well as currently, we are not exactly the poster nation for civil and human rights, let alone democracy. It is really bad when Communist Russia (in the 1950’s and 1960’s) calls you out for treatment of your own citizens. Charity begins at home. Maybe we should worry about what is going on here, before we start criticizing other nations for their record.

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  9. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  2 months ago

    Isn’t it great that we have a President that’s been so outspoken on the issue?


    …oh, wait….

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  10. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma Premium Member 2 months ago

    Are those Ivanka’s designer ropes?

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