Tom Stiglich for Apr 16, 2018

Apr 15, 2018
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Tom Stiglich for Apr 16, 2018 Comic Strip
Apr 17, 2018
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  1. Cessna cartoonist logo
    cessna172 GC Insider 4 months ago

    …Starbucks apologises – which is a hell of a lot more than any Republican would do in the same set

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  2. Missing large
    lopaka  4 months ago

    It is alive and well in the good ol’ USA. It has just changed it’s format.

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  3. Oldswimsuit1900
    llennok1  4 months ago

    more things change, the more they stay the same…

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  4. 068745d254f54db81488fc3ae2de33f7
    itisme GC Insider 4 months ago

    Much ado about absolutely NOTHING!

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  5. 13ec2ee27c7351db061dc933859c5558
    Nothing Here GC Insider 4 months ago

    What was the deal??? I’ve gone in, used the rest room first, then placed my order. Am I missing something?

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  6. 39246656808 0 alb
    tomorrow928  4 months ago

    O.O.P.C.W.B. Ordering Over Priced Coffee While Black.

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  7. Picture
    EdMeiller GC Insider 4 months ago

    One franchise does not make the corporation racist.

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  8. Missing large
    jimac51  4 months ago

    The real question is why anyone in Philly would find themselves in a Starbucks. This is Wawa country. And Wawa coffee was free that day. Fresher,cheaper,better tasting ,prepared by great workers. Gotta have a Wawa! Hoagies on sale and 32 oz. Coke Freestyle @ 99 cents. Wawa? Great. Starbucks? Never. Free ATM,bathrooms no hassle andalways open the door for those entering leaving-everyone!

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  9. Wtp
    superposition  4 months ago

    Historically, Starbucks has not been identified this way. Maybe it’s a franchise issue?

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  10. Missing large
    OldCoal  4 months ago

    It’s certainly a black eye for Starbucks (yeah, yeah, deal with it) and no doubt about that.

    What the entire situation boils down to is that people are fed up with being treated like cards in a deck, and are overreacting to everything. That’s what’s causing the outrage with Starbucks as a corporation, rather than just a franchise, that’s what is causing national reactions to small local issues, that’s what got Trump elected.

    These guys fit the “Blacks who aren’t obeying” card, so they got arrested. Had they been White, the cops would have just told them to get out, because they’d have fit the “White guys acting like jerks” card. They were reacting to the manager as “pushy White guy who doesn’t want Black people here” instead of as “guy who has to deal with homeless nearby”.

    We’re all on edge and overreacting, because all of us are just fed up.

    It’s a really bad time to poke the eagle.

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  11. Maps little guy
    Radish GC Insider 4 months ago

    Another hateful cartoon.

    I hear there are good people at Starbucks too.

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  12. Pc200099
    assrdood  4 months ago

    Hadn’t heard of this so I researched. Found this.

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  13. 7kwiherk normal
    INTJutsu  4 months ago

    Some folks believe they don’t have to follow rules or laws. They were asked to leave because this Starbucks has a policy that non-customers are not allowed to use the bathroom, and yet they did. The store manager politely asked them to leave several times, and they refused to do so. They were told that police would be called, and they still refused.

    The Philly PD even gave them a few chances to walk out the door, and they still refused, so they were arrested for trespassing. This is standard protocol in these sort of situations, and there’s nothing racist about it at all, other than the race hustlers coming out of the woodwork claiming they were arrested for being black. Of course Starbucks contacted the PD and said they wouldn’t press charges — mostly out of fear of blacklash. I’m certain the store will now be vandalized and the store manager attacked based upon yet another race hoax.

    Every Starbucks location is different, so you can’t compare how your local Starbucks enforces the rules to this one. Some city locations have issues with homeless folks & normal looking druggies & prostitutes using their bathrooms for other purposes. Or it may be a location that doesn’t get much foot traffic so seats are what draws paying customers in. Whatever the case they were non-customers, so Starbucks was well within their rights to send them on their way.

    I can’t help but laugh at the Left eating their own, but it’s disturbing because it’s yet another example reinforcing to POC (who know the actual facts) that they don’t have to follow rules or laws because of their skin color, because anyone who dares to enforce them against them will be punished by Marxist virtue signaling cucks. If observant folks see that every time a POC doesn’t get their way, they can claim racism and get rewarded — they’re more apt to avoid any associations with that group of folks just to avoid similar situations. Stereotypes aren’t true for all folks, but they are for many.

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  14. Photo
    GreenbotStudios  4 months ago

    I don’t understand the world

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  15. Photo
    JaksaPopovic  4 months ago

    Very bad cartoon. Trump will sail to his 2020 victory on the wave of liberal stupidity.

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  16. 20180310 135825
    TazzTec  4 months ago

    Geez, I buy something even if I’m doing a pee-and-dash in a fast-food joint. $tarbux should politely evict all non-paying loiterers, as well as everyone who buys one item and then stays all day, if they are preventing other customers from sitting. The Barnes & Noble/ $tarbux “customers” are the worst. Just try getting a seat there; and if you do get a table, you’ll find manhandled books and mags left behind. Buy something, or get a library card, folks, and GTFO when others are waiting.

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  17. Img 1610
    WmCraft GC Insider 4 months ago

    Starbucks has almost 14,000 units in the USA (which is probably way more than the number of readers Stiglich has here). They are Politically corrrect to a fault; first ones to put unisex bathrooms in their restaurant of all the dining establishments in our town of 30,000. Remember how they overcorrected on this year’s Christmas cups due to complaints last year? So one franchise, out of almost 14,000, has a couple of employees who handle things poorly, does this taint them all? Mr. Stiglich: USA Today has a job opening for you!

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  18. Tb fatv1
    Fat Vulcan GC Insider 4 months ago

    The name of the Washington basketball team is named after this character.

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  19. Missing large
    James Wolfenstein  4 months ago

    That’s irrelevant. They were asked to leave. They didn’t.

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  20. Large header
    Tom Gaylord GC Insider 4 months ago

    This is not even remotely funny. It’s just plain wrong. You should be ashamed.

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  21. Baltimore city and inner harbor
    Dr Lou GC Insider 4 months ago

    To those who will continue to defend yet another indefensible…of course the actions by the Philadelphia Starbuck were ‘racially motivated.’

    I’ve walked in and used bathrooms in Starbucks since I work on the road sometimes ordering after I come out…sometimes not ordering at all…and just heading back to my car without EVER being challenged.

    I’ve sat in Starbucks waiting for folks before I ordered without EVER being challenged.

    Starbucks is where white people — others, too…but lots of white people — go to ‘loiter’ with their laptops, kindles, iPads, school work and more sipping maybe a half cup of coffee for hours and are are not EVER challenged.

    It can sometimes even be hard to find a table at some Starbucks for the ‘loitering’ white; Asian people too, and none are EVER challenged.

    And I’ve both done and/or observed all the above across many different Starbucks in a number of locations and states without EVER having a problem, EVER being challenged or EVER seeing any of these ‘loiterers’ challenged.

    To those who would continue to ‘defend’ the behavior by that Starbucks manager…your remarkable denialism and willingness to argue about anything you are told to say which supports a Corporate Right, unAmerican ‘White’ agenda despite all obvious documentation/evidence needs to stop.

    Of course the actions by the Philly Starbucks were ‘racially motivated.’

    For the record…I actually agree that this particular cartoon was a bit overdone since I wouldn’t apply this as a ‘policy’ across Starbucks nationwide. But – yes – the Philly Starbucks was ‘racially motivated.’

    It’s a shame some of the writers just on this string – many others, too – who are still denying the Philly Starbucks reality can’t sign up for the company’s nationwide racial training day.

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