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  1. Don quixote 1955
    OmqR-3.0  almost 6 years ago

    To avoid cold receptions dress more warmly. But wear hats, not scarves. For some reason those from colder climes think hats are more charming.

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  2. Santabutcherpin
    ishannon5289  almost 6 years ago

    But this is totally different, because reasons.

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  3. Missing large
    hippogriff  almost 6 years ago

    ChevJames007If you think that, go to Palestine. In the old Zionist days, they would buy property. Now they go in with a squad of soldiers and a bulldozer and say, “You have one hour to clear out, this is settlement property now” – at least when they don’t run over Americans with their bulldozer first. Jews, Christians, and Musims lived together there in reasonable peace from Saladin’s edict of religious access until the Six Day War. Then the Likud established their dictatorship and no one is safe.

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  4. Missing large
    edward thomas Premium Member almost 6 years ago

    Of course Chev and his ilk don’t read the Bible. They just espouse it’s supposed “Christian” ideals, even though the Old Testament was written, or handed down orally,for a minority tribal people trying to find their way in the world. And of course they practiced terrorism, genocide and torture to acquire their “homeland”. And are continuing to do so today!

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  5. Qc1
    agrestic  almost 6 years ago

    When this country denied entry to Jewish refugees during the time of Hitler, it made exactly the same arguments as you are now: they’re German, and so they’re our enemies, and they might sabotage us. If Syrian refugees actually sympathized with ISIS, they’d be staying in Syria and helping it to build its murderous state.

    Besides which, how many toddlers and pensioners do you think are going to go all suicide-bomber anyway?

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  6. Smokey
    Zuhlamon Premium Member almost 6 years ago

    What did Chev say? The post seems to have been deleted.

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  7. Missing large
    38lowell  almost 6 years ago

    They were muslim??

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  8. Qc1
    agrestic  almost 6 years ago

    That would be hard, since they’re both dead. Neither were Syrian. Neither were refugees. Farook was US-born. Just as Robert Dear is. And Timothy McVeigh. And Dylan Roof. Etc. Farook and Malik were neither toddlers nor pensioners. So—your point?

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  9. Qc1
    agrestic  almost 6 years ago

    You may not know this, but no refugees have ever committed acts of terrorism on this soil. You also haven’t responded to the fact that white males kill a lot more folks in this country than do any Muslims, whatever their color. And often do so as terrorists. So, slippery slope—let’s round up all the white males! Or if you argue it’s based on belief, then let’s round up all the anti-abortion advocates, since so many of them have decided that bombings, mass-shootings, and targeted assassinations are the way to go.

    Neither Joseph or Mary were Syrian…

    Which has zero bearing on my point. Or are you saying that Mary and Joseph should have been flagged by Egypt as potential terrorists?

    sounds like another anchor baby situation…

    Your general anti-immigrant sentiment is less than endearing. His parents came to the US legally.

    slippery slope… awhile back it was“Besides which, how many women do you think are going to go all suicide-bomber anyway”

    Um, who said that? And again, we’ve got a lot more white dudes shooting and bombing in this country. If you’re so scared of a bunch of three-year-olds and 80-year-olds, why aren’t you screaming holy hell about white guys? Compared with Syrian refugees, white men are a clear and present danger.

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  10. Qc1
    agrestic  almost 6 years ago

    Fact ? Let’s start with it is a complete falsehood. Have you lost all perspective to leave out the horrific deaths of nearly 3000 innocent people in the 911 attacks?

    Let’s include that single day of 9/11/2001 and compare terrorism to gun violence since then. Terrorism deaths (including those by white dudes): 3,308. Gun violence in the same period: 406,496 — a yuuuge number of this committed by white dudes. Including more than one mass shooting per day this year.

    Color???… oh so you it looks like you want to be a “race-baiter” as well… so you brought up the subject of American Black Muslims…

    Actually, you’re the one who jumped to that conclusion. I was including white, black, brown, and Asian Muslims. For instance, the Tsarnaev brothers were both Muslim and white. Also, Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are considered not actual Muslims by the vast majority of the world Muslim community. It’s part of why Malcolm X left the organization and renamed himself to el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz. But even with your few examples, white dudes are still killing way more people than terrorists are. Sorry, your bubble has kept you blind.

    Came here legallySo did the 911 terrorists and the Boston Marathon Bombers … what your point? Look how that turned out…

    Look how all those crazy white dudes who were born here turned out. And there’s a lot more of them committing murder. Why do you continue to try and protect these guys? Your double standards are more and more transparent.

    This doesn’t actually say that anyone says women have been incapable of terrorism, just that they’re seen more as the exception. If you’re going to make an extreme statement, come up with something to actually back it up.

    AG states: You may not know this, but no refugees have ever committed acts of terrorism on this soil.Back to the Boston Marathon Bombers… the Tsarnaev family arrived in the country on tourist visas and later applied for political asylum…. Can you spell refugee?

    I’ll give you that one. On the other hand, those who have gone through vetting overseas have not done so.

    BTW race baiter … exactly what race do you think the majority of Syrians are?

    It’s hilarious that you would call me this when what I’m pointing out is your own xenophobia. You’re so protective of one particular group! I wonder why? In terms of Syrians, they had to fight through a Supreme Court decision to be declared “white” back in 1914. But the vast majority of folks in the US (particularly the xenophobic crowd) would not classify them as such. To most folks here they’re “Arabs” and “Muslims,” both of which have taken on racial tones. If you were to deny this, you would be disingenuous at best.

    Basically, in your whole reaction you’ve proved yourself a “race-baiter” much more than you were able to pin it on anyone else, in part because you continue to ignore facts and cherry-pick others. I expect your next post to continue to be filled with xenophobia. Have fun with that!

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