New Adventures of Queen Victoria by Pab Sungenis for February 07, 2019


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  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY Premium Member 2 months ago

    It could be the AG.

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  2. Missing large
    chmsam  2 months ago

    He probably thinks he’s been enlightened by this experience.

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  3. Major matt mason315
    Major Matt Mason Premium Member 2 months ago

    Hey, Pab? No. Just… no.

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  4. Fox spirit animal 3
    eddi_tbh  2 months ago

    Raggedy Andy has a past we don’t want to face.

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  5. Th1k44e930
    dwane.scoty1  2 months ago

    Not 1, not 2 but 3! Virginia is putting SNL in the Dumper! Stay tuned, Folx! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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  6. Missing large
    KAR120C  2 months ago

    OOOOOHHHH ! I’ve been offended !!! Nothing’s gonna happen, but now I’m so upset I haven’t got time for the other news items of the day !!! (Mission accomplished Trump acolyte).

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  7. Smoking cat
    brotherbox Premium Member 2 months ago

    Well Virginia is for lovers.

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  8. C0f0d5c7 e87a 41ba 947f f2c872d0c3a6
    DCBakerEsq  2 months ago

    Do people ever wear “white face”?

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  9. Avatar 3
    pcolli  2 months ago

    Black skinned people are quite capable of laughing at themselves and none of the ones I have known have ever objected to the “golliwog”…. they just ignore it.

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  10. Joliet jake blues
    Joliet Jake  2 months ago

    And today we learned that when the Virginia State Senate Majority Leader was editor of the yearbook at VMI, it included a plethora of photos of white students in blackface. Just what is wrong with Virginia politicians? Oh, and he’s a Republican, so the insensitive bigotry is now officially bipartisan.

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  11. No bf rush
    SavannahJim Premium Member 2 months ago

    Lawsy mercy, Pab. I doooo de-Clair! The Zulus were so adorable. Who knew?

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  12. Jack benny 07
    Kali  2 months ago

    Oh, THAT is just wrong….

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  13. Missing large
    oasis7  2 months ago

    For those unaware… that’s a “Golliwog,” a popular Victorian era rag doll in the UK. You can read all about it here:

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