The Born Loser by Art and Chip Sansom for November 08, 2019


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  1. Avatar92
    flemmingo  3 months ago

    This is that time of year when all those little darlings come down with a cold.

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  2. Marvin
    Smokie  3 months ago

    My hubby just retired. Every year as soon as flu season started (shot or not) he would come down with some kind of upper respiratory ailment. This year he has not. So, to all you out there that just have to go to work or shopping while you are sick, please think about how many workers, students and their families you will affect.

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  3. Wolf
    Nubmaeme  3 months ago

    I don’t remember illnesses going through schools like they do today. The only vaccine we got back then was polio. There was no MMR, or any of the other vaccines, kids get today. Guess all the chemicals, etc in our environment is taking is toll on us.

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  4. 23rd tfw
    tinstar  3 months ago

    “School days, School days, dear old golden rule days, readin’ and writin’ and rithmetic, put us together, we’ll all get sick…” With apologies to Will Cobb, and Gus Edwards!

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