Thatababy by Paul Trap for January 06, 2019


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  1. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  about 1 year ago

    If that were to happen, would the strip be renamed “That-a-Older-Sibling”?

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  2. L we
    Baba27  about 1 year ago

    Guess dad is outta there.

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  3. Avatar02
    Kim Metzger  about 1 year ago

    No, ThataDad, you should’ve had the chair rigged so that ThataMom would go flying out!

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  4. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Too late for me…save yourself!

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  5. Boston terrier 7
    LV1951  about 1 year ago

    “Thatababy Too!” “Thatababy Deux!”

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  6. 2009 02 20
    Clell65619  about 1 year ago

    While Kid #1 is still in diapers?No, Mom, no. You want a minimum of 3 years between the kids. That way you’re only paying Car insurance on one of them at a time.

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  7. Missing large
    greatgrannyszoo  about 1 year ago

    Hubby got mad when I told him #3 was coming… birth control failed 3 times…

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  8. 100 2451
    RonBerg13 Premium Member about 1 year ago

    But, apparently, no ejection ceiling.

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  9. 0584 l
    1MadHat Premium Member about 1 year ago

    I think Thatadad is saying (as he rose out of sight) ‘not right now…’ 8^)

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  10. Qrdw8o
    The Ever-Convenient Object's Shopping Mall  about 1 year ago

    At least the Sundays aren’t reruns. has the strip moved to just Sundays?

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  11. Img 0014
    Charlie Tuba  about 1 year ago

    Dad, do you want to get a vasectomy?

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  12. 3e59ff38 8d29 4be5 a4f9 baad00ef871f
    LittlePattySwanson  about 2 months ago

    Little thatababy!!!

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