That is Priceless by Steve Melcher for February 28, 2017

  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY  over 5 years ago

    Beauty contestant prepared for Trump’s surprise inspection of the dressing room.

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  2. Avatar tmp 56884 thumb
    orinoco womble  over 5 years ago

    “I’ll give you “Great Moments in Phallic Portraiture,” you sexist pig!"

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  3. Avatar 3
    pcolli  over 5 years ago

    “Get your hands off my Jimmy Choo’s”

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  4. Bingo on the run
    maltmash3r  over 5 years ago
    Putting the fix in prior to Laertes duel with Hamlet.
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  5. 10155273 624313380994797 1301453986 n
    Knightman Premium Member over 5 years ago

    Here’s hoping they don’t change the picture again like yesterday!!! All the comments before the switch did not match after it was done!!!

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  6. 10155273 624313380994797 1301453986 n
    Knightman Premium Member over 5 years ago

    No one knows the wrath of a scorned woman till it happens!!!

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  7. Blk cat
    Helen Ferrieux  over 5 years ago

    Sheeeeesh, he put the phone down on me again.

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  8. Curly pres
    jmcx4  over 5 years ago

    Bernadette Peters, cat burglar.

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  9. Avat
    Radish the old word monger Premium Member over 5 years ago

    Using the long sword at her sushi bar job did not work out too well…

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  10. 4096749862 867f82c19d
    PO' DAWG Premium Member over 5 years ago

    Stevie Nicks

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  11. Hobo
    MeGoNow Premium Member over 5 years ago

    “Ooh, jeeze, he’s not running away. Do you suppose he knows I have no idea how to use this thing.”

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  12. Gustave courbet   le d sesp r
    mabrndt Premium Member over 5 years ago

    1 URL (copy as one line):



    has info and links that point to info about this painting (best viewed by Google Chrome – can automatically translate linked pages, if necessary; oldest image in File history used to generate strip image).


    Again, a larger strip image is shown by clicking the image in Mr. Melcher’s MASTERPIECE #1653 (February 27, 2017) entry, accessible by the Check out the blog! box below the last comment; so, I won’t point to it here.


    P.S. Mr. Melcher has changed the attribution for MASTERPIECE #1652 (shown here later yesterday) to what I said.

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  13. Pirate63
    Linguist  over 5 years ago

    It’s all about grabbing the sword by its hilt, and sticking the blade in a sheath !

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  14. Missing large
    Serendewi  over 5 years ago

    I told him not to use the master bathroom after he went to the Bean Festival!

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  15. Missing large
    d1234dick Premium Member over 5 years ago

    my wife left me the bitch!

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  16. Taz by abovetheflames
    danketaz Premium Member over 5 years ago

    Les Miz is nice, but not at three in the morning.

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  17. Img 3865
    CrzyDyeman  over 5 years ago

    I didn’t know Phebee Cates played Joan of Ark

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