Ted Rall for March 10, 2010


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  1. Missing large
    kennethcwarren64  over 9 years ago

    Probably the wrong place to put this, but since I am the first I will try.

    If you knew someone might blow up you and your polling place, would you still vote?

    The people in Iraq did (and some died), if they consider the right to vote that important, why don’t we?

    No matter how tired you are of these guys, vote, if not then, well then you lose.

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  2. Missing large
    comYics  over 9 years ago

    Every citizen refuse to work ever again, and get fair pricing and markets.

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  3. Raccoon1
    sirrom567  over 9 years ago

    How can you vote without a legal residence? Hmm.

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  4. Soldier  edit
    Kosher71  over 9 years ago

    Hope for a change of address .

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  5. Missing large
    mjsfish  over 9 years ago

    It is really discouraging - Seriously - Will a new leader of the Democratic Party please stand up ? What happened to Howard Dean anyway ?

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  6. Keithmoon
    Wildcard24365  over 9 years ago


    Silly! If we all actually VOTED, we’d have to take the blame for when a candidate doesn’t pan out. THEN we’d have to own up and actually try to SUPPORT said candidate, which means, WORK (what’s the point of delegating my “authority” if I actually have to work WITH the elected people?) and AGGREVATION standing up for the person you elected with every gaff, mis-step, and flat-out screw-up.

    In any event, if we DON’T vote, we can claim we’ve been “subjected” to the “tyranny” of those who DID vote, and are therefore “entitled” to take up arms against that tyranny, and THEN we get to show off our shiny new AR-15’s at the town hall meetings where THAT elected official is speaking.

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  7. Missing large
    YouWereWarned  over 9 years ago

    If voting could actually change anything, it would have been outlawed long ago.

    American democraSSy is like American food: McDonald or Taco Bell?

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  8. Reagan ears
    d_legendary1  over 9 years ago

    You’re right quinn. What ACORN needs to do is follow the diebold approach. That way they won’t get caught and the Democratic party gets in there every time.

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  9. Bill   don
    derlehrer  over 9 years ago

    I’m curious: Why couldn’t a homeless person vote, using his last legal address? I’m retired to Mexico and use my last Stateside address to vote – local, state, & federal elections.

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  10. Chrissytinkerbellavatar
    JadedBarbie Premium Member over 9 years ago

    “Acorn Worker? Vote for Hope and vote often. Lets me find that link where the Acorn workers are still being busted for voter fraud. ”

    “Let me find that link where Republican Attorney generals are still being busted for voter suppression.”
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  11. 225px president rutherford hayes 1870   1880 restored
    POPPA1956  over 9 years ago

    Around Portland, Orygun. Some shelters allow homeless persons to use use their address. Works for Job apps. It can work for voting, too.

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  12. Missing large
    jaxaction  over 9 years ago

    these people are supposed to be invisible! hope more ! thanks TED!

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  13. Missing large
    jaxaction  over 9 years ago

    Add the CFR and Hillarys attempts to start another war in Iran…and the voters have a reasons to believe in wars, and that the Dems are mannish on this…make O a war leader “we MUST vote dem to war on iran…We can’t switch leaders in a war…) hope

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  14. 100 2208
    parkersinthehouse  over 9 years ago

    acorn’s on the brink of b-ruptcy dja know that

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