Tank McNamara by Bill Hinds for May 18, 2023

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    mpguy2  7 months ago

    Most people (especially those under 60) don’t know that the NBA used to play doubleheaders. It wasn’t two teams playing two games, one right after the other. It was four teams playing consecutive games.

    The league wasn’t drawing all that many fans, and was trying to get big crowds into one team’s arena. For example, the first game might have been the Detroit Pistons vs. the (then) St. Louis Hawks. Immediately following that game at Madison Square Garden would be the Celtics against the Knicks.

    In an attempt to create more interest in the league, they also used to play games at neutral sites. One of those games is still quite famous — Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game was played at Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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    wallylm  7 months ago

    Technically, basketball has the shortest regulation game time among the 5 major pro team sport leagues at 48 minutes. Football and hockey games are 60 minutes, soccer 90, and baseball has no time limit.

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    Cary Rodda Premium Member 7 months ago

    It would be interesting to see them do load management with that schedule. :)

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  4. Ellis archer profile
    Ellis97  7 months ago

    I’d make halftime a little longer.

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  5. Ironbde
    Carl  Premium Member 7 months ago

    Fewer teams in, best of 5 series, etc cutting the playoffs is easy but it will never be done because the playoffs aren’t about the best team playing but about the best way to make money. And why are we playing hockey in May and June?

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    A.Ficionada  7 months ago

    Be sure to appreciate panel 2 – the nose flare Tank :)

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  7. Missing large  7 months ago

    Le Bron(GETTING OLDER FAST)James would object to doubleheaders. I think these playoffs are the first time all season where he hasn’t played every OTHER day.

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  8. Missing large  7 months ago

    Baltimore Orioles doing great but the attendance still doesn’t show it.

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  9. Victrola squarred
    Michael Helwig  7 months ago

    The winners of the East and West meet for the 7 game championship. No wild cards. That’ll shorten things up.

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    timbob2313 Premium Member 6 months ago

    Maybe if fewer teams made the playoffs to begin with they wouldn’t last until June

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