Tank McNamara for Oct 6, 2017

Oct 5, 2017
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Tank McNamara for Oct 6, 2017 Comic Strip
Oct 7, 2017
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  1. Missing large
    gmartin997  9 months ago

    Tank forgot to mention firing Roger Goodell.

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  2. Eye left upside down
    jarvisloop  9 months ago

    I haven’t followed the National Felon League for years.

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  3. Avatar headshot
    Plods with Beer (did I mention beer?) GC Insider 9 months ago

    @OLDOG1 11 – 12 minutes of actual gameplay. So if you only watched the actual game play, you could watch an entire week’s schedule in less time than it now takes to watch a single commercial filled extravaganza.

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  4. Missing large
    Polsixe  9 months ago

    The UK (BBC?) used to show the NFL games delayed but only the 60 minute game clock play, everything else edited out. That way it took 1 hour to watch a game and it looked a lot like Rugby League, almost non-stop action. Right now the Sunday Night games are ridiculous going from 8:30 pm to midnite for 60 minutes game clock.

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  5. Pirate63
    Linguist  9 months ago

    One of the many reason why I like to watch NFL RedZone, is I get to watch football and not commercials, and see what all the teams are doing.

    The full televised games are live Spanish language broadcasts. The announcers are surprisingly good, and there’s not the commercial interruptions ( the announcers talk through most of these interminable breaks ) but the games still seems too long.

    I prefer soccer.

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  6. Lifi
    Ross Shales  9 months ago

    OK, what about sports saturation?

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  7. Missing large
    Bruce388  9 months ago

    “Billionaire owners demanding public funding for stadiums or else they’ll move the team” works for me, in addition to “All of the above.”

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  8. Hipshotbellestarr
    scaeva  9 months ago

    ALL of the above, and more. Love the game, hate the NFL. The garbage has flooded college and even high school games, too. I’m reminded of George C. Scott’s comment on the Oscars: " … a parade of meat." Yet the idiots who seem to have overwhelmed the population of this country gobble it up. Have no interest in any of it. When they start playing football again, I’ll probably be dead and composted or fossilized.

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  9. Missing large
    dhine  9 months ago

    watch on a DVR. fast forwarding is the best!

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  10. Bentley profile
    griffon8  9 months ago

    I find life much simpler by ignoring all sports. Tank McNamara is the closest I get to watching sports. The only reason I knew who was playing in the last Super Bowl was because Bill Maher said it.

    I’ve seen enough sports to be able to enjoy watching games though, whether American football, basketball, baseball, or hockey. I just don’t seek them out.

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  11. Abposterfin5701
    renewed1  9 months ago

    I like that the only way that the political problems are mentioned is when they can be lumped with other things. Domestic violence, concussions, law breaking all were there before Colin decided to start the protests. Now the NFL is finally feeling the financial pain are they ready to admit that there MAY be a problem.

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