Stone Soup by Jan Eliot for June 23, 2019


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  1. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  about 2 months ago

    Oh, a continuation of last Sunday, huh? (Might as well bring Alex her lunch to the pool.)

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  2. Tornado
    tornadoprevention  about 2 months ago

    Leave Mamma Duck a quacker with directions to the tub?

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  3. Johannesburg 2008 016
    JoanHelen  about 2 months ago

    Mama Duck is probably enjoying a well-earned rest while watching her offspring from a sheltered spot. :)

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  4. Forblog4a
    CallMeMeg  about 2 months ago

    It’s all that third-world living. It makes grandma’s resourcefulness come to the surface.

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  5. Tor johnson
    William Bednar Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Alix better hope those baby ducks have not imprinted on her. Else, to them, she’ll be their mother!

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  6. Missing large
    bobblumenfeld  about 2 months ago

    A story arc in the Sunday strips! Wonderful!

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  7. Andi   silhouette
    JudyAz  about 2 months ago

    From last week’s strip, it was daddy duck, not mama.

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  8. 100 2887 cartoon
    gcarlson  about 2 months ago

    When we were in Iowa City we’d observe one mother at a time watching all the ducklings wjile the other mothers fed. My then-fiance called it “Ducky Day Care.”

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  9. 2benny hill
    Yakety Sax  about 2 months ago

    For those who missed it.

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  10. Missing large
    William A Short Premium Member about 2 months ago

    I don’t think ducks peep.

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  11. Bth baby puppies1111111111 1
    kab2rb  about 2 months ago

    Alix you can leave the baby ducklings and have your lunch.

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  12. Pussyhatpig
    TheWildSow  about 2 months ago

    That’s why ducks lay about 20 eggs to a clutch. Some heirs and LOTS of spares.

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  13. 0584 l
    1MadHat Premium Member about 2 months ago

    But she’s doing what she said she would do, a rather mature behavior, really. But a short break shouldn’t be a problem ……. 8^)

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  14. 62c26c34 725b 4dce aaf4 224496918426
    Sassy's Mom  about 2 months ago

    That was daddy duck who dropped off the babies, not mama duck.

    So right about now Mama is exclaiming, “What do you mean you don’t remember where the babysitter was?!”

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  15. Missing large
    harebell  about 2 months ago

    To be continued!

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  16. Missing large
    d_odds  about 2 months ago

    That pool is going to be very nasty very soon. Time to invest in a suction filter.

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