First Stone Soup by Jan Eliot for November 20, 1995


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  1. Pict0771
    gonefishing7  about 10 years ago

    Oh boy I really like that approach.

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  2. Th
    marvee Premium Member over 9 years ago

    Wow! The drawings are really different from today. But the kids look about the same age.

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  3. Simon
    comicgirl1000  over 9 years ago

    your right marvee

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  4. Itachi
    MisterPerfect1  about 9 years ago

    i agree

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  5. Missing large
    greatbest  about 7 years ago

    rich funnyiness.

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  6. Fall ing in love
    Last Rose Of Summer Premium Member about 5 years ago

    You look at most of these early strips, and the artwork improves over time.

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  7. Image
    Katiedoodle4224  about 4 years ago


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  8. Missing large
    WaywardWind  about 4 years ago

    See,.. THIS is why my wife and I had a dog. She never complained, never asked for an increase in her allowance, never outgrew her school shoes, never wanted a car, she was housebroken in a week, we didn’t have to pay for college and we had her spayed at six months so we never had to worry about surprise granddogs.

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  9. Snoopy
    Darryl Heine  about 4 years ago

    This is how Stone Soup started in November 1995? Things were different back then!

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  10. Images
    shamest Premium Member about 4 years ago

    My mom pulled this on us. So I emptied my money bank. of lawn mowing money and bought hamburgers and fries for myself. For some reason she got even more mad

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