Steve Breen for February 20, 2020

  1. Tf 117
    RAGs  almost 2 years ago

    Meanwhile, Trump “updated” that for South American children, for which he will never apologize.

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  2. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  almost 2 years ago

    When will we get around to the southern border child detainees who’ve been locked away from their parents for as long as 6 years now?

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  3. B3b2b771 4dd5 4067 bfef 5ade241cb8c2
    cdward  almost 2 years ago

    It is important to remember our past sins, which are manifold, and be informed by them so we don’t commit them or anything similar again. Which are are currently doing at the border. There seems to be something in our European heritage that insists on finding everyone else to be beneath us and free game for treating like scum.

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  4. Desron14
    Masterskrain Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    For a revealing look at life in some of the camps, read “To the Stars”, by George Takei, A.K.A. “Mr. Sulu”.

    And, this is interesting for people who did not know how a lot of the Jamanese-Americans responded to this treatment…

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  5. Get smart shoe phone
    gopher gofer  almost 2 years ago

    it’s about bloody time…

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  6. Missing large
    WestNYC Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    This will never happen, but I would love to the Government of Japan apologize to their Asian neighbors for the wholesale slaughter committed by their troops during the second world war. Instead, the government reveres these troops as heroes, instead of war criminals. The Japanese army murdered over 15 million civilians across Asia.

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  7. What is future boy conan
    Teto85 Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    And the states that had the internment camps on their land have still done nothing.

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  8. Front sword at ready
    shamest Premium Member almost 2 years ago


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  9. 77b4e956 2364 4def 8871 c12621995a69
    Zebrastripes  almost 2 years ago

    This just slays me! How many times do certain groups have to apologize for what generations ago did ? It’s a nice gesture but WE DID NOT DO THIS! The people who DID are long gone…they’re the ones who should have apologized back then….

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  10. Photo
    AndrewSihler  almost 2 years ago

    It’s a little-known but pretty surprising fact that the large Japanese-American population in the Hawaiian Islands was unmolested by the internment program.

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  11. Picture
    ThomasBonsell  almost 2 years ago

    The internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II was legal at the time; authorized by the Supreme Court decision Schenck v. United States (1918) saying government can do during wartime what would be unconstitutional at other times. The internment was reaffirmed in the Korematsu v. United States decision (1944) saying it was a military necessity to wage the war.

    The court got around to voiding the Korematsu decision in 2018 although a lower court repudiated the decision in 1983. So now government can’t force internment of citizens while still adhering to the rest of Schenck that voided free speech and the Thirteenth Amendment’s ban on involuntary servitude during war.

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  12. Ahl13 3x4
    Andylit Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Why? California didn’t do it. Any “apology” from an uninvolved State government is useless and worthless. Recognized as the pathetic political pandering it is.

    Gerald Ford officially apologized on behalf of the US government in 1983, at a time when many of the victims were actually still alive. In 1988 Reagan signed the bill giving survivors $20k each. Not a huge payout but the best that could be squeezed out of the Dem controlled Congress. Eventually the total payout reached $1.6 Billion.

    In 1991 HW officially apologized again. In 2001 10 of the camps were designated as historic landmarks with orders to preserve them as an example of the shameful behavior of our nation.

    So tell me again why California suddenly feels the need make this gesture to the tiny percentage of internees still alive today.

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  13. Missing large
    randolini Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    I’m afraid our racist country is about 79 years too late with this.

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