Steve Breen for May 15, 2019


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  1. Missing large
    brwydave Premium Member 9 days ago

    My God, where did Tiny ever find a canon that could fire a ball that bigly? So far. we have a following wind that is filling the few sails we have left – but one more salvo and we are in deep dodo.

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  2. Avatar
    JDave48  9 days ago

    That canon ball is incoming. Please may it land on the poop deck where trump is doing what babies do.

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  3. 1be5f3b2 0fd4 40fd ad1f 69b3df564ed4
    Zebrastripes  9 days ago

    ….as long as he gets what he wants, he couldn’t care less who it affects….

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  4. Americanflag
    Masterskrain Premium Member 9 days ago

    And EXACTLY HOW MUCH per taxpayer will his SOCIALISTIC $21 BILLION HANDOUT to the farmers HE SCREWED OVER with his tariffs cost???

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  5. 1444fecbf5406da87f9111cedaf6ddf7
    John Barleycorn  Premium Member 9 days ago


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  6. Agent gates130516four
    Radish Premium Member 9 days ago

    Haul on that bowline we sang that melody,

    Like all tough sailors do when they’re far away at sea.

    I think I’ll call it america. I said as we hit land.

    I took a deep breath. I fell down, I could not stand.

    Captain Arab he starting writing out some deeds

    He said let’s build us a fort and start buying the place with beads.

    Just then a cop come down the street crazy as a loon

    They throws us all in jail for carryin’ harpoons.


    Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream

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  7. Teto 85 untitled 1
    Teto85 Premium Member 9 days ago

    One or two more and tiny will mast us. (Shoot out the mast/s. A tactic of naval warfare at the time)

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  8. Coexist
    Bookworm  9 days ago

    So the “Art of the Deal” is if that if the other party does not immediately agree, we start a war (trade war, military war, whatever)? No wonder he lost a billion over ten years as a citizen.

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  9. Missing large
    danholt Premium Member 9 days ago

    It won’t be a warning shot across the bow, but a direct hit.

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  10. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member 9 days ago

    Close.. only counts in horse shoes.. Surely trump’s wisdom will prevail.. just hang in there America, short term pain for.. well, perhaps a long time..for nothing.. but rest assured whatever the outcome.. the trump will declare it a win.. and thus it will be.

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  11. Americanflag
    Masterskrain Premium Member 9 days ago

    The Chinese have opened fire on “Old Ironbrains”.

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  12. Pine marten3
    martens  9 days ago

    The cannon is firing behind the ship, and the ball has ripped through the sails. At least the ball didn’t take out any of the masts…

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  13. Missing large
    retpost  9 days ago

    Notice that it hit “old glory” first ,as most tariffs do.

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  14. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member 8 days ago

    Fortunately, trade wars are easy to win.

    Even more fortunately, we have the Best Negotiator in Human History.

    All His Disciples know that.

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  15. Sneaky garfield  solar eclipse  002
    Sneaker  8 days ago

    WE lose all the way!!!

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  16. Missing large
    pamela welch Premium Member 8 days ago

    Great visual Steve!!

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  17. Missing large
    Gary Williams Premium Member 8 days ago

    not only do the taxpayers pay the 21 billion to the farmers they also have to pay for the tariffs imposed by the Lord.

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  18. Missing large
    fivestring65  8 days ago

    That’s an incoming canon ball.

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  19. 3hands
    Concretionist  8 days ago

    TV a few minutes ago: Typical consumer will see a $700-plus increase in expenses due to these tariffs (not counting whatever China does in retaliation). And we’ll all have to watch the Soybean farmers take assistance they wouldn’t need if not for him, which will be funded by increasing the national debt. Yay.

    That’s about $229,600,000,000 ($230 Billion) that won’t be spent at retail, put into banks, used to pay off debts… And about the same amount that will go into the Federal coffers. Guess which economic group pays a greater share of that. Yep, you guessed it!

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  20. Missing large
    retpost  8 days ago

    It shows what happens when friendly fire goes wrong,

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