Steve Benson for February 14, 2017

  1. Missing large
    moderateisntleft  over 6 years ago

    @HERRWEH : the question is “Which One is More Criminal”. Garcia was deported because of a conviction for identity theft – she needed ID to work. Wouldn’t something along the lines of a guest worker program work? Earn money, pay taxes, remain a Mexican citizen. But for Trump, picking on those who cannot fight back is a winning strategy. She is illegal, and there are no consequences to her American employer.

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    Kip W  over 6 years ago


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  3. 2016 steelers wallpaper six superbowls rings trophys
    awesomesteeler  over 6 years ago


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  4. Frank
    Frankfreak  over 6 years ago

    crops rotting in the field, offices becoming fouled, children left alone because people cannot find caretakers for them…

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  5. Bill
    Mr. Blawt  over 6 years ago

    We hired a business man to do to the country what he did to business. Hire undocumented workers. And that means screwing over the working people (once again). Lying about not knowing they were undocumented. So when he is confronted about not helping the workers, he will lie to them. Threaten to have them deported when they complained about low pay. He has already threaten working Americans, and will do more in the future.

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  6. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member over 6 years ago

    Trump is NOT going to reduce the source of illegal cheap labor.


    Any illegals who were going to be deported under the previous administration will still be deported and Trump will claim responsibility for ‘keeping America safe’ and MAGA but nothing else will change.


    Employers like Puzder and Walmart will still hire just as many illegals as always, and will suffer ZERO consequences, just like they always have.


    Remember, It’s OKAY If A Republican Does It.

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  7. Tf 117
    RAGs  over 6 years ago

    A very important thing to keep in mind: we DO NOT want a businessman in charge of out City, State or Country. Businessmen today want to charge the most they can for the least quantity and lowest quality product they can get away with. Their bible says, “Caveat Emptor,” which they read as “Screw the customer any way you can, and then charge him more for your inconvenience of dealing with him.” We DON’T want a government which wastes money, but we DO want a government which provides the proper services, such as police, fire, infrastructure, trash pick-up, etc. And yes we DO NEED clean air and clean water and controls on those who would make them dirtier.A for profit business can not provide the services we need cheaper than an honest government can. We just need to work harder on getting an honest government who will work for ALL of their constituents.

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    sufamelico  over 6 years ago

    Okay okay, here, have some more " Trump’s Kool Aid" and you’ll feel better later!

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