Speed Bump by Dave Coverly for January 10, 2010

  1. Lady with a bow
    ejcapulet  about 13 years ago

    Just do the old-fashioned thing and swat him with a rolled-up newspaper.

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  2. Missing large
    detour_jones  about 13 years ago

    ejcapulet… you is a bad boy… bad boy… you gonna clean up the pee puddle??

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  3. Missing large
    eardroppings  about 13 years ago

    ejcap You hit a dog with a newspaper, not a cat!

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  4. Horseshoes3
    McGehee  about 13 years ago

    Um, hello? Anybody actually READ THE COMIC (besides ejcapulet)?

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  5. Missing large
    The_Floodhunter  about 13 years ago

    Try throwing something–maybe he’ll fetch. I just hope he doesn’t return with a shovel….

    And yes Mac, I did read the comic.

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  6. Cheetah crop 2
    benbrilling  about 13 years ago

    Aww… Let him in. It’s cold outside. Give him a dish of milk too.

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  7. Starvalesnow401 copy t460
    RioBravo  about 13 years ago

    Hit the dog with a newspaper???

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  8. Missing large
    lisa4romMpls  about 13 years ago

    Funny toon!

    when little, my dad swatted ME on the butt when I was naughty. Would that be considered “child abuse” today?

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  9. Starvalesnow401 copy t460
    RioBravo  about 13 years ago

    With a newspaper?

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  10. D and d bed 03sc
    Ray_C  about 13 years ago

    There’s one burglar barking up the wrong tree.

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  11. Deficon
    Coyoty Premium Member about 13 years ago

    He’s a gold retriever.

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