Signe Wilkinson for January 31, 2016


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  1. Airhornmissc
    Liverlips McCracken Premium Member about 3 years ago

    The meek shall inherit the earth.

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  2. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle Premium Member about 3 years ago

    People will start blaming Moslem Terrorists for bringing in Zika.

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  3. Wtp
    superposition  about 3 years ago

    No worry, the mosquitoes that carry the virus seem to thrive in climate zones just a little bit warmer than we have.

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  4. Icon200908b
    Kip W  about 3 years ago

    It’ll go home when it realizes we have no cacti.

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  5. Missing large
    feverjr  about 3 years ago

    Brazil is already questioning its strict abortion laws to allow it in cases of zika exposure. What will happen in the deep south where the virus is most likely to become endemic.

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  6. Smokey
    Zuhlamon Premium Member about 3 years ago

    I’m sure the FOX team will come up with a way to somehow spin Obama and/or Hillary into it.

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  7. Zwicky13
    kurt.zwicky  about 3 years ago

    Anyone bothered to open the clicker on the Fiendly comment? Quite an eye opener. For a further education, try:

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  8. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma Premium Member about 3 years ago

    Folks forget mosquitos love it in Alaska? It does matter what genus, Culex, Anopheles, etc., but viruses mutate rather rapidly, and yes, lonecat, you’ve hit on the danger of climate change biologists worry about. These “critter” changes are far more dangerous than “terrorists” crossing our borders.

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