Scott Stantis for December 02, 2009

  1. Reagan ears
    d_legendary1  over 13 years ago

    Too bad those people weren’t there to protest at the beginning of the two wars.

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  2. Image013
    believecommonsense  over 13 years ago

    nice toon from Stantis. When one gets criticism from both ends of the political spectrum it may be a good indication they’re governing correctly.

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  3. Missing large
    Magnaut  over 13 years ago

    it’s only about Rules Of Engagement….reading of miranda to the enemy is a problem,,,I guess miranda leaflets won’t cut it…..I bet he doesn’t let us win

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  4. Me 3 23 2020
    ChukLitl Premium Member over 13 years ago

    Nixon said; If they’re shooting at you from both sides, you’re standing in the right place. He kept his campaign promise to get us out of ‘Nam. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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  5. Woodstock
    HUMPHRIES  over 13 years ago

    d_leg, had there been a service draft you can bet you “sweet bippy” there would have been.

    Nixon sold the US down stream, China seemed like a huge market place, Funny how even the most rampid conservative will sell soul and principle for a buck.

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  6. Indio
    GringoRegio  over 13 years ago

    Bush did basically the same thing in Iraq and the right (and to some degree the left) lauded it…

    Our politics are as much an example of hypocrisy as they are of democracy.

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  7. Reagan ears
    d_legendary1  over 13 years ago

    @Humphries It makes me sad to hear that the only way people would protest a war is if they are forced to take part of it. It makes me wonder about how compassionate people are towards each other now a days.

    That’s what capitalism does. It devours everything until you’re the last one standing.

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  8. Exploding human fat bombs hedge 060110
    Charles Brobst Premium Member over 13 years ago

    If the loonies on both sides hate it and the moderates admit it’s gotta be, it’s about as good a plan as we can expect in the real world. Sign this, disappointed but realistic.

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  9. Biker2
    biemmezeta  over 13 years ago

    Let me get this straight. If everyone is against it - it’s a good plan????. You are all IDIOTS. And you probably are all against that statement so … it must be TRUE !!!!

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