Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weinersmith for May 10, 2015

  1. Missing large
    tom.amitai  about 7 years ago


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  2. Missing large
    Technojunkie  about 7 years ago

    Corollary: any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently developed.

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  3. Sea chapel
    6turtle9  about 7 years ago

    Like a screwdriver?

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  4. Duck1275
    Brass Orchid Premium Member about 7 years ago

    I still think of incline planes and specific gravity as magic.

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  5. Roflmao
    What? Me worried ?  about 7 years ago

    Is that Arthur C. Clarke’s third law ?

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  6. Scribble can
    Three Steps Over Japan  about 7 years ago

    Anything you have to wind up isn’t technology.

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  7. Deficon
    Coyoty Premium Member about 7 years ago

    Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology, too.

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  8. Missing large
    niaje  about 7 years ago

    niaje’s first law; anyone with sufficient followers on tv or social media is a law

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