Rob Rogers for January 21, 2022

  1. Large brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  5 months ago

    Oh, we all believe “they” are willing to try to steal it. And unfortunately, some of us believe it’s the GQP who’s more than willing… but some us believe it’s the Democrats. And I really don’t see how we’re ever going to get all of us back together on this one.

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  2. Screen shot 2022 06 13 at 8.33.24 pm
    ZomVee'89  5 months ago

    Oh, now it’s possible to steal an election?!??

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  3. Photo
    FrankErnesto  5 months ago

    Yes, Democrats stole dozens, hundreds of precincts, from under the noses of Republican officials, and never, in any of hundreds of cases, did they leave a clue as to how they did it. But for some reason can’t get enough votes together in Congress to pass a bill. Somebody is lying.

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  4. Nun
    opspecial Premium Member 5 months ago


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  5. Avt freyjaw spring48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 5 months ago

    Yes. Blargh.

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    bxclent  Premium Member 5 months ago


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  7. Charlie brown
    knutdl  5 months ago

    Thief in the shadows

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  8. Lifi
    rossevrymn Premium Member 5 months ago

    That’s the team of patrickmurphy/loonsymbolname………………….right-wing populists like the aforementioned?:

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  9. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member 5 months ago

    Fox News is doing its best.. but needs help. trump was going to start his own station.. what’s the status of that? Seems there should be a bit of a rush to get that going.. time is running out before the sheriff comes knocking.

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  10. Ecd86d39 32ff 4415 8649 563cd2c1048d
    Joan Tinnin Premium Member 5 months ago

    Wish that demonic piece of garbage would go away. Far, far away

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  11. 20160720 184148 1
    Ultra Ammosexual Premium Member 5 months ago

    According to Brandon the next election is doomed to doubt. Who could have seen this coming? After the most successful election ever no less.

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  12. Missing large
    sandflea  5 months ago

    At least now he’s admitting HE was the one trying to steal the election.

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  13. Giraffe cat
    I Play One On TV  5 months ago

    @ symbol-person above: No. It’s not yet possible to steal an election. Our last elections were free and fair and legal; all states agree (or at least the agencies which are responsible for elections), all courts agree, and even biased “audits” conducted with the express purpose of finding fraud could not find any.

    But “people had concerns”. I have concerns about being shot at random while I’m shopping or going to the movies. I have concerns about a lot of things that are far more worthy of concern than an 8-year-old bully in expensive suits who didn’t get the pony he DESERVED at Christmas.

    And, in response to those manufactured concerns, Republicans in state offices have begun looking for ways to de-legitimize votes they don’t like. Hey, these days it’s “I win, or you cheated”. Remember that great patriot who told us that it’s not who votes that matters, it’s who counts the votes. What was his name…..oh, yeah….Josef Stalin. And also attributed to Boss Tweed.

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  14. Foggie
    yimhere  5 months ago

    As long as the Guardians Of Prevarication bow to the Orange Fuhrer, democracy will be in danger.

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  15. Home winter 001  2
    gmadoll789 Premium Member 5 months ago


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  16. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 5 months ago

    The criminal Trumpers tried everything to steal the election, attacked the Capitol, forged papers for false electors, contested elections they clearly lost in the courts, they wanted the military to illegally confiscate all the ballot boxes and do the election over. They claimed fraud when there wasn’t any. Then the creepy right wing fascist jerks screamed the election was stolen from them because the majority voted them out and they still haven’t backed off their lies.

    Republicans are a criminal party who should not be allowed to run in the USA.

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  17. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 5 months ago

    REVEALED: GOP officials made damning admissions before signing forged election documents

    The House select committee is investigating efforts by state-level Republicans, overseen by Rudy Giuliani and other Trump campaign officials, to send “alternate” slates of electors to Congress, and those GOP officials told Politico’s Kyle Cheney they understood what they were doing was probably against the law.

    “What I might want to do can be completely different from what we are legally capable of doing, does that make sense?” Michigan GOP elector Meshawn Maddock told Cheney by email in November 2020.

    However, Maddock — who’s now co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party — ultimately joined other Michigan Republicans who signed the unofficial certificates, and a Georgia elector also suggested that she knew the scheme was sketchy.

    However, when pressed, Latham admitted she would go along with the scheme.

    “I am [a] Republican elector for Trump," Latham said. "I serve at the pleasure of the President and the GAGOP. I will serve when called and directed to cast my vote for Trump.”

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  18. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 5 months ago

    Trump order that instructed defense secretary to seize voting machines was based on Sidney Powell conspiracies

    The explosive document shows how far Mr Trump and his allies were willing to go to keep him in office against the wishes of American voters

    A draft of a presidential order to seize voting machines appears to be largely based on blatantly false theories espoused by one of former president Donald Trump’s attorneys in the days following his 2020 election loss.

    The three-page document, dated 16 December 2020, would have ordered the Secretary of Defense to “seize, collect, retain and analyze” voting equipment and electronic records and gave the secretary “discretion to determine the interdiction of national critical infrastructure supporting federal election”.

    The draft “presidential finding,” the contents of which were first reported by Politico, is one of the more than 750 documents that the National Archives and Records Administration turned over to the House select committee.

    A debunked “forensic report” alleging that a clerical error which caused unofficial results of balloting Antrim County, Michigan to briefly appear as if President Joe Biden won the heavily Republican county was actually deliberate fraud, as well as “other evidence” gave Mr Trump “probable cause sufficient to require action … because of evidence of international and foreign interference in the November 4, 2020, election”.

    The draft document goes on to repeat false allegations about voting machine manufacturers, singling out “Dominion Voting Systems and related companies” as being “owned or heavily controlled and influenced by foreign agents, countries, and interests” and alleging that the company’s machines are “intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results”.

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  19. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 5 months ago

    Newly revealed texts show Sean Hannity knew Trump’s actions after Jan. 6 were impeachable

    In the texts, Hannity recaps just a few points of a broader communications plan for responding to the attack, among other pieces of advice.

    “1- No more stolen election talk,” Hannity reportedly texted McEnany, who herself sat down with committee investigators last week after being subpoenaed.

    Per the letter, he continued, “2- Yes, impeachment and the 25th amendment are real and many people will quit…”

    So Hannity knew Trump’s actions were impeachable, huh? That’s not the impression he’s been giving his viewers.

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  20. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 5 months ago

    CNN Is Reporting That Rudy Giuliani And Trump Campaign Officials Were Behind Fake Electors Scheme.

    Washington (CNN)Trump campaign officials, led by Rudy Giuliani, oversaw efforts in December 2020 to put forward illegitimate electors from seven states that Trump lost, according to three sources with direct knowledge of the scheme.

    The sources said members of former President Donald Trump’s campaign team were far more involved than previously known in the plan, a core tenet of the broader plot to overturn President Joe Biden’s victory when Congress counted the electoral votes on January 6.

    Giuliani and his allies coordinated the nuts-and-bolts of the process on a state-by-state level, the sources told CNN. One source said there were multiple planning calls between Trump campaign officials and GOP state operatives, and that Giuliani participated in at least one call. The source also said the Trump campaign lined up supporters to fill elector slots, secured meeting rooms in statehouses for the fake electors to meet on December 14, 2020, and circulated drafts of fake certificates that were ultimately sent to the National Archives.

    Trump and some of his top advisers publicly encouraged the “alternate electors” scheme in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada and New Mexico. But behind the scenes, Giuliani and Trump campaign officials actively choreographed the process, the sources said.

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  21. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 5 months ago

    ‘We Have to Exterminate These People’: Texas Man Arrested for Election-Related Threats in Georgia

    A Texas man has been indicted for allegedly threatening officials in Georgia, one of the key states where former President Donald Trump went to extraordinary lengths in an attempt to reverse his 2020 election defeat.

    “It’s Time to Kill”

    Chad Stark, a 54-year-old from Leander, currently faces one count of an alleged interstate threat that he posted on Craigslist on Jan. 5, one day before the siege of the U.S. Capitol.

    His indictment redacts the names of his intended targets, who remain unknown, but his choice of the Peach State takes on particular significance in light of Trump’s post-election conduct there.

    Over in Atlanta on Thursday, the Fulton County District Attorney asked to open up a special purpose grand jury investigation into Trump’s antics, including his phone call urging Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger® to “find 11,780 votes“—the precise margin of his election loss.

    According to prosecutors, Stark fulminated on Craigslist: “Georgia Patriots it’s time to kill [Official A] the Chinese agent — $10,000.”

    “Georgia Patriots it’s time for us to take back our state from these Lawless treasonous traitors,” the missive began. “It’s time to invoke our Second Amendment right it’s time to put a bullet in the treasonous Chinese [Official A]. Then we work our way down to [Official B] the local and federal corrupt judges. It’s our duty as American Patriots to put an end to the lives of these traitors and take back our country by force we can no longer wait on the corrupt law enforcement in the corrupt courts. If we want our country back we have to exterminate these people.”

    Republican lies create hateful murderous psychopaths.

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  22. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 5 months ago

    Read the never-issued Trump order that would have seized voting machines

    The executive order — which also would have appointed a special counsel to probe the 2020 election — was never issued. The remarks are a draft of a speech Trump gave the next day. Together, the two documents point to the wildly divergent perspectives of White House advisers and allies during Trump’s frenetic final weeks in office.

    It’s not clear who wrote either document. But the draft executive order is dated Dec. 16, 2020, and is consistent with proposals that lawyer Sidney Powell made to the then-president. On Dec. 18, 2020, Powell, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, former Trump administration lawyer Emily Newman, and former CEO Patrick Byrne met with Trump in the Oval Office.

    In that meeting, Powell urged Trump to seize voting machines and to appoint her as a special counsel to investigate the election, according to Axios.

    A spokesperson for the House’s Jan. 6 select committee confirmed earlier Friday that the panel had received the last of the documents that Trump’s lawyers tried to keep under wraps and later declined to comment for this story on these two documents.

    If Trump becomes president can you imagine crazy Sidney Powell as the Attorney General?

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